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I know your suposed to feed them blackberry leaves but can you feed them mulberry leaves? also how big do they grow and how big does their cage need to be and what can it be made out of ( i herd you can just use big jars, is this correct)?


I'm getting leafy stick insects.

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    Feeding your Stick Insect Mulberry leaves should be okay, as they are similar to Bramble (Blackberry) leaves. Oak is another option to go for.

    Do you know the actual name of your stick insect? Some species have slightly different requirements than others. I've kept (and keep) several kind of Stick Insect, so it would be greatly useful to know exactly what stick insect you have.

    Regardless of species, you do need a TALL cage (at least 30cm - maybe bigger if you have a big stick insect like a Giant Prickly). Big stick insects do need a lot of room to move about and so they shed their skin safely. I'm not sure about a jar; this greatly depends on how big it is. Some stick insects (like the Giant Prickly) prefer a bit of ventilation, so a cage with netting or mesh may be preferable.

    You can find "pop-up" cages made out of strong netting that are not very expensive at all:

    Spray the leaves every day with water so the insect can drink. To make cleaning easier, I put kitchen paper on the bottom of the cage to collect waste and eggs (picking up eggs this way is very easy).

    Knowing the exact species you have would be very helpful! From the name, it could be a few:

    Giant Prickly (Macleay's Spectre Stick Insect)

    Or some sort of Leaf Insect:

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