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ok i purchased a cooter(turtle) its a baby maybe 2mnth loonie size and he wont eat gave him crickets and fish.?

iv giving him or her crickets i bought 10 of them and he was afraid and then i bought 20 lil fish to swim around in the tank and maybe for him to munch on and it doesn't look like hes to interested in them it looks like they want to make a meal out of him b4 he does to them and then i gave him some pellets to eat and like he at 6 in the Morning but never ate again like i just gt him 2 or 3 days ago but he seems to find a place and stay there for long periods of times. what could u do to help me out with this because i don't want i him or her to die from hunger just hurtch and don't want to do that to an animal so if there's any help that would be nice and appreciated

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    Who told you to give it crickets?? Where on earth would a water turtle catch a cricket in the wild??Crickets normally avoid water in the wild so it is not a natural food source for your turtle. And at hatchling size it would not be eating fish Even in the wild. It would be eating plant material and any rotting meat it could find in the water. So continue with either the pellets or even flake fish food as already mentioned to get it started, but get it on pellets as soon as possible. The live food will come later, after you get it established and growing. And it would never eat at that time of the day and any pellets or flake you put in there at that time is just a the time your turtle is ready to eat the food is all nasty, they like the pellets(sticks) fresh for some reason, not soggy, at least it always seemed that way with all mine, and ive raised over 50.Turtles are nocturnal so give it a chance to wake up in the morning before feeding. In the wild they would get warmed up first then eat and then bask under the sun to help digest there food.

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    . If these are hatchlings a 1” and a tad over they may need to have their live food half dead by leaving the fish out of water for a few minutes (10minutes) and put in the tank. That way the baby can get the meat he needs and the fish can’t out run the baby turtle.

    He is probably freakin in his new home. Give him time. But they are skiddish and feel you coming through vibrations cause of poor eye sight and hearing.

    Is his water at least 80 degrees?

    They can have garden worms which I collect after a good rain and dump them un the pond, also meal worms, snails, crickets, flies, crayfish small frogs, slugs, tadpoles ,dragon flies and anything that moves, but only as a treat.

    They need leafy greens Romaine, Butter lettuce. (Iceberg and cabbage are bad for them, any other leafy greens will do) for vitamin A that they need at least 4 to 5 times a week.

    They love grapes and strawberries and squash , apples. For small turtles cut in small bite size pieces.

    TOSS in a bird cuttle bone in the water for calcium that will promote better shell growth, it will dissolve real slow and if they eat it that’s fine!!

    Did you know that they need to bask under a reptile light UVA/UVB for up to 8 hrs a day for the vitamin D that they need to grow.

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    be careful not to overwelm him. i noticed when i bought 2 or 3 fish or crickets for my toad i had he ate better than when i bought 10 or 15 at a time. he may just not know what to go for first if you give him to much to choose from. good luck

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    in case you circulate away the crickets in the tank for too long, he won't be gobbled via the crickets, he will only substitute into annoyed. they might p.c.. on him nonetheless. he's a noctournal hunter, so he will in all possibility hunt at night. i might propose which you do away with the crickets for now, and attempt to feed him a sprint later whilst he's not so under pressure approximately getting a sparkling homestead. additionally, verify they're sufficiently small for him to eat, or he have the skill to.

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    Peek is right, as usual. It often takes turtles a couple of weeks to get used to their tank. If it goes beyond that, you might tempt it to eat with a live earthworm. After that, it might start eating normally.

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    When mine was real little I gave him flake fish food in his water tank and he ate it.

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