trying to decide if I should pay parking ticket from NYC ?

trying to decide if I should pay parking ticket from NYC ?

My daughter got a parking ticket on top of having the car towed while being returned to brooklyn ny for college , personally I haven't gotten a parking ticket in the past 25 years other then with company vehicles . and of all the parking tickets I got back in the 70s an 80s when I lived in Pittsburgh I never payed any of them .

am wondering if they send out notice of non- payment , my wife is still pissed at my son and daughter for having parked where they did and the car getting towed and doesn't know about the ticket , she told the kids that they had to pay for the towing ( she doesn't know that I'm sending money to daughter to cover the cost ) and personally don't think I'll pay it given that this car only goes into NYC a couple times a year so its not like we'll get enough tickets to cause a problem later

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    NYC changed the law about 6-8 months ago.

    if you fail to pay a parking ticket from NYC and say you have a florida license plate on your car with a florida drivers license the suspend your driving privileges inside the 5 boroughs of nyc (brooklyn,bronx, queens, staten island, manhattan) they link it back through the plate and who registered(not owns) the car.lets say john doe registers the florida plate and car in florida and john bazooka is stopped for driving it he is free and clear if . if john doe is stopped and never had a new state drivers license but his son parked the car 3 years ago on a fire hydrant and got a ticket that he didn't even KNOW about...john doe is going to jail because his right to drive/operate a car in new york city is revoked.

    kind of hard to see the logic in it...but it is what it is.

    you own the car and it has a parking ticket that has fallen into default...and the cops stops you are considered 511 and arrested.

    hope that helps

    Source(s): family members are cops in the NYPD
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    Sounds like you already made up your mind but you should know that you should pay the ticket.

    Don't be surprised later when New York State request the state of the registered owner(s) license to become suspended. Then when those drivers (hopefully it's not your wife) are pulled over for a moving violation, they will get another ticket one for driving while suspended.

    If the cop finds a bench warrant for that unpaid ticket it off to jail for not paying the fine and appearing in court.

    That car will then be towed and rack up storage and towing charges until someone gets it out which would be a second matter since you will most likely want to take care of the bail first.

    Here are things to read.

    Bank Of America Charges $10 Fee For Paying Parking Tickets.

    Shame on You rescues a Queens woman from a nightmare

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    New York City - A New York company is offering people $10 dollars every time they contest their parking ticket by phone.

    Advertisement: says its new interactive phone service -- 1-888-NYC-PARK -- gives New Yorkers an opportunity to fight their parking tickets entirely over the phone just by entering the ticket information using the phone's keypad.

    If your ticket is not dismissed or reduced, the company says it will pay you $10, up to a maximum of $100 per customer.

    The phone system is available in English and Spanish, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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    Because of the budget crunches, some cities (like Las Vegas) are sending unpaid tickets to collection agencies, so that $20 or whatever ticket suddenly becomes $50 and a 100-point ding on your credit.

    If they don't do that, they issue bench warrants for the registered owner's arrest, so unless you (or whoever is the RO of the car) NEVER break any traffic laws.... Suck it up and pay the ticket.

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    I'm not sure what there is to do on a budget, but remember to take in to consideration getting in and out of the city. It costs me and my girlfriend $45 to merely get to and from NYC via the subway, and we live in New Jersey 60 miles away. Oddly enough its worth it for us to do that. Between gas, tolls and PARKING most of all, its cheaper. If you are driving you have to remember parking...I went to a concert there recently where we drove in. From 7-11 it cost us $34. It may cost you over $100 just to park your car for the weekend, unless you want to risk parking in the street and having your car possibly smashed in to. New Jersey Turnpike toll for you from entering NJ to the Holland Tunnel will be about $9-10 (each way) and then the tunnel itself is around $6-8 (one way). I know this isn't your answer, but if you are on a budget this may help a tad.

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