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I need some other ideas for re-decorating my room. ?

All right so I want to either do a really lite blue or purple and on one wall I am having note cards that describe me, notes from friends, photos, etc. I am having a mattress against the wall w/ the note cards and stuff and with white sheets and blanket. Also in a corner I'm having a love seat, that used to be my bed, and having a white cover sheet on it. What else should I do? What color should I paint my wall?

(p.s my dresser is in my closet.)

Inspiration: Mitchell Davis

(I think his room is like a lite grey though)


I honestly would rather not have that, because it's very messy. I use to have it and it was a pain all the time

Update 2:

I'm only painting 3 of them since one wall will be decorated from the top to the bottom with stuff. And I only want to paint them a soft color since at my other houses i've painted them all brighter colors and they've just made me angry because I wanted something softer and my mom would not let me re-paint.

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    1 decade ago
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    Hi M,

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    First, does Qwerty have anything to do with POGO? Supposedly, you're safest if you paint the walls white or beige;then you can bring in color on furniture, lamps, etc. BOORING!! I guess you could say I'm "decorating challenged"! How about painting 3 walls light blue, and 1 wall navy blue (or white)? There's alot of different colors you could play off the light blue or white. Good luck..just remember whatever color you decide on, you're going to be spending a fair amount of time living with it.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    It's such a nice room. I'm in love with your lifestyle. You know about the Secret's Theme? And you know why Mitch Davis kept his room like this?? Paint it with dark colors. Like Maroon, Red or anything which you like. However, for dealing with several other consequences, you need to be paint savvy. And for other remodeling ideas, I'm providing you a few links that would really help you out. Check them and I repeat, "I liked your theme."

  • 1 decade ago

    It's a little crazy but there is this paint called blackboard paint- it's just liek that chalk board you would see in a classroom. You can draw all over it with chalk and it wipes right off. It's so much fun!

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