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A Skin BLEACHING Family??! Jamaica?

I heard of this! 3 yrs ago I visited Jamaica(my country) and people came up to my sister saying how in the country, people bleach to get her complexion.

but WATCH THIS! it disgusts me!!!

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Yeah all I could think was DUMBASS...she said "oh its the style" wth!

and the little boy wants country!

this makes me ashamed to be Jamaican..and they do this a lot in Haiti, other Caribbean islands, India, East Asia, and Africa! People should be PROUD of their skin! (that goes for light people who burn their skin in tanning salons as well)

I love black people but we need to unite and LOVE our skin!

This is a sad world. The mother is a FOOL...sounds bad, but its the TRUTH


clip of Tyra. A woman bleacher her THREE five yr old sons skin EVERY day

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    I saw the Tyra Show (since I'm in the state) and was shocked.

    It's sad but understandable with some things that happens.

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    I hate the very concept of 'bleaching' it shows a lack of self esteem and the absence of self worth. We should celebrate who we are, our uniqueness. It always amazes me that caucasians will spend hundreds of dollars on tanning products and burn all day in the sun to look like us. They put collagen in their lips so that it can be thick like ours, they invest thousands in the Brazilian Butt Lift to have some junk in the trunk. Yet, here we are putting our health at risk to look like them.

    I must admit that in Jamaica bleaching is a fad. Unfortunately, both men and women engage in this dangerous behavior. They look quite ridiculous with clear faces and dark arms and legs.

    I don't know what it will take for our people to realize that we were fearfully and wonderfully made by God and we should love who we are, just as we are.

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  • Mary
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    they are like many black people who look down on there own race, what a shame I guess they live in an area where evryone is black and they would like to stand out, however they are fools who are ruining there own skin it doesnt even may them look good, it actually makes the look terrible, what is there problem

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    Careless ethiopian dem deh, damn fool an poppy-show dem deh, poor self esteem, the stupidity of the mother is been handed down to the children, knowledge is such a powerful thing.

    Some people will forever be slaves.

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    This is sad how people are not happy with themselves. I hate the stigma that being dark is ugly. Look how they turn brown sugar into white sugar, brown rice into white rice. We need to look within ourselves and see how God made us wonderfully and marvelously into his own image.

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    am from jamaica that too ******* bad but them love it am black and loving my black..that be going on for long time..

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