A Skin BLEACHING Family??!!! Jamaica?

I heard of this! 3 yrs ago I visited Jamaica(my country) and people came up to my sister saying how in the country, people bleach to get her complexion.

but WATCH THIS! it disgusts me!!!

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Yeah all I could think was DUMBASS...she said "oh its the style" wth!

and the little boy wants country!

this makes me ashamed to be Jamaican..and they do this a lot in Haiti, other Caribbean islands, India, East Asia, and Africa! People should be PROUD of their skin! (that goes for light people who burn their skin in tanning salons as well)

I love black people but we need to unite and LOVE our skin!

This is a sad world. The mother is a FOOL...sounds bad, but its the TRUTH


Shanice..I am mixed but I GLADLY Identify as black(Jamaican)

Sara. This is not a FEW people. It is an epidemic among black people..and HOW could I hate these people?..I AM JAMAICAN!!! It's just sad that The view that only European beauty is acceptable has affected so many black America as well!

Update 2:


Ummmmmm OKAY then I guess I will have to rephrase this a lil for you:

"We need to Unite as in LOVING our skin...not being fooled into thinking our skin is unnattractive...."

Update 3:

Then this! A Black motheon Tyra's show BLEACHES her three sons skin who are about 5 YEARS OLD!! it's just a clip

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    I am from Jamaica too and when I go to visit it is really disgusting and horrible!

    It's funny b/c a lot of them walk around with the bleaching cream on their faces acting like it is sexy! All they are doing is messing up their face, and then their hands and the rest of their body is black as NIGHT!!

    P.s.- OH Gosh that video is so sad, look at that woman's face, it is eating her face out. How sad!! We seriously need to start educating our people I am so sicken and sad by that!!

    Look how society is,, that black people can not love their color they are trying to become white, how sad! It is all in the media, we need more black people on tv, and in the movie. Then their distorted view of beauty will change.

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    1 decade ago

    pssh, you speak of unity, yet when someone makes a racist statement you're quick to say "we're individuals, not all blacks are like that blah blah blah..." Exactly, we're individuals. Let those people do what they want to do with their skin, its their skin. I don't care, no one in my family is bleaching their skin so there's no need for me to "unite" with the Jamaicans who are...I've never even been to Jamaica...

    and I'll rephrase... I LOVE my skin alright? Let the self haters unite and bleach their skin until it all falls off or whether they'll decide to smarten up and stop, whatever their choice will be. Just leave me out of it. I'm not a skin bleacher. Let the skin bleachers handle their own problems I have my own.

    Source(s): Its things like this that make people think all blacks are the same...speeches of "untiing" which basically implies all blacks do the same thing.
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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    What is the difference! Americans go to tanning salons and Those people bleache thier skin!!! That is Sad :( Why can't we all just love eachother for who we are! D':

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I agree with Trevor. It seems everyone is bound for skin cancer. Wow. That is to the Extreme. The poor woman's skin looked like it was burnt off. And then, they are teaching their children to do the same.

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

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    1 decade ago

    This is typical of Jamacians...Not everyone has pride in themselves like the black American people..

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I also agree with Trevor. He has a very valid point

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I thought you said you were mixed the other day lmao.

    and not all black people have issues.. i dont im happy in my beautiful BROWN skin =)

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