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i need the BEST protein shake?

i want answers about protein, calories, and fat. i need brand names, prices, and preferably chocolate flavored. im sick of seeing 20 grams i don't want steroids i want good stuff. share

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    Rather than a commercial shake why not try making your own. You can get some chocolate powder like the kind used for making chocolate milk or cocoa to flavor it if you really want the chocolate flavor.

    I will list 5 of the best protein shakes I've tasted so far, along with their recipe that you can make it at home too.

    For all of these recipes, just put every single ingredient into a blender and then blend it (up to a minute or so). Easy as that.

    [These recipes are not listed in any specific order]

    Note: I compiled this list of the best protein shakes from forums and bodybuilders. I didn't invent these recipes myself.

    Best Protein Shakes #1: Chocolate Banana Shake

    12 oz. of Pure Water

    4-5 ice cubes

    1 banana

    1 tbsp heavy cream

    2 scoops chocolate protein powder

    Best Protein Shakes #2: Orange Creamsicle

    8 oz. of Water

    4-5 ice cubes

    1-2 peeled oragnes

    1-2 scoops of vanilla protein powder

    Best Protein Shakes #3: Fruit Smoothie

    2 Scoops of Strawberry Protein powder

    4 large strawberries

    Small Handful of Blueberries

    A few drops of water

    1/2 Cup of Ice


    Put Ice in the blender, then slowly add the fruit in. Add just enough water as you're doing that to keep it all smooth. Complete it by blending in 2 scoops of protein powder and some honey to sweeten it.

    Best Protein Shakes #4: Very Healthy Banana Shake

    1 Cup of Water

    1 Large Scoop of Vanilla Protein Powder

    3/4 Cup of natural yogurt

    1 banana

    1 tsp of flax-seed oil

    2 tsp of honey

    1 tsp of spirulina

    The spirulina will significantly change the taste of this shake; if you don't like the taste of it, then leave it out. This shake will provide you with lots of carbs, protein, and lots of vitamins and minerals.

    Best Protein Shakes #5: Oatmeal Shake - Meal Replacement Shake

    12 oz. of Water or Low-fat milk

    1 Cup of Dry Measure Oatmeal, Cooked in water and cooled

    2 scoops of vanilla protein powder

    3 dashes of cinnamon

    1/8 cup of sugar free maple syrup or brown sugar

    1 tbsp of chopped almonds (or flax seed oil or natural peanut butter).

    You have the recipes for the best protein shakes; now go and make them! They'll be a great supplement to your bodybuilding routine.

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    i will tell you i take a lot of different protein and the Competition is fierce out their on the market a lot of the protein os not even pure anymore company's add cretin into it to get you ripped faster.

    i would go with 100% whey gold label

    gnc whey protein

    maybe nitro tech from muscle techh but it tastes nasty .

    try 100% whey it is one of the best clearest whey out their then get some gnc or if you want the best with a little bit of creatin go for the musclele tech.

    you can go to and do some research on their super store to find out exactly what protein drink fits you.

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    I suppose that you are in a Gym.....

    So....I wanna SHARE...this with you....


    DON´T search for protein shakes.....My nutriciologist and I think that that´s one of the causes that people who wanna look like "The Arnold"...or something.....Look for this things....

    They are not healthy....It´s SO much better if you get protein from natural stuff......

    Meats--- Beef (clean..), chicken brest fish, tuna, pork (clean..)...

    Nuts and grains--- Almonds, peanut, etc....

    Lactose--- Low fat milk, yogurt, chesse....

    It´s NATURAL food...(protein).....coz humans are natural.....

    And this way you can look like....from Hugh "The Arnold" -ish....


    This is just a energetic meassure cms or inches.....But...for food.....

    A good amount of calories per could be like 2.000....

    BUT you better look in the Nutricions Facts in mostly all products.....For calories...Tras Fat (low)....Sat Fat (low)....Protein (high)...Fiber (high)....Sugar (low)....Carbs (middle).....etc...

    This won´t gain more "bad weight" (FAT)...

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    i drink whey protein (i can't remember the name) but it has 24grams of protein per scoop in it but it doesn't have a lot of calories so i see a crap load to get my calorie intake... so if i were you look for a whey protein because they are not that expensive(if you look carefully) and you can always eat other things to get your calorie intake

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    Nourishake from GNLD. Organically sourced and processed.

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