who are the guys that do the voice over on the show MXC on spike tv?

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    Victor Wilson does Vic Romano's voice. Christopher Darga does Kenny Blankenship's voice.

    Vic Romano (named after a character from the Miami Vice episode "Streetwise" who was played by Bill Paxton) is the co-host and play-by-play commentator. He is level-headed, has a dark past of alcohol abuse, failed marriages, various addictions and generally treats MXC as a serious competition. Vic was once also a professional baseball player who became addicted to "everything", including every type of drug, alcohol, and easy women. He once was an airline pilot during his stint of alcohol abuse, but states, "Luckily, nobody noticed". Notable catch phrases include "Right you are Ken", "Indeed!", and "Good to know." He is played by the well-known Japanese actor Takeshi Kitano and voiced by Victor Wilson.

    Kenny Blankenship is the other co-host and color commentator. Blankenship is a light-hearted high-school dropout whose uncle owns the network. He thinks mostly about "chicks, pizza and beer." He is played by comedian Sonomanma Higashi and voiced by Christopher Darga.

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    who are the guys that do the voice over on the show MXC on spike tv?

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    Victor Wilson Mxc

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