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chances of being a cop, after leaving the marines?

What are your chances of being a cop? if u were honorably discharge from the marines after 4 years, mos is infantry (0311 Rifleman), and a letter of recommendation from a retired nypd detective who is now a tsc instructor for the military. But only one tour in Iraq? i was just curious for my husband.

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    You get points with almost every department in the country for being a vet. I am a police officer and believe that the military was the biggest reason I was hired.

    They no you don't use drugs, and they save money on the background checks.

    I wish you luck if you have anymore questions just look me up

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    It relies upon on the police branch. There are some departments which will waive the college adventure in case you have some years of energetic duty militia adventure (would not count which branch) and in case you have been Honorably Discharged. And maximum of the people of those require that the adventure grew to become into as militia Police. in spite of if, there are nevertheless some departments you will have a minimum of a Bachelors degree to additionally be seen. ok .... dont hear to the guy who hasnt even been interior the militia saying dont be an MP, thats in all probability the dumbest element I even have examine all day. touch some police departments interior the section you desire to finally be a police officer in and ask them some questions approximately what they want for adventure. From my adventure and the police departments I even have spoken to, the militia adventure they want is militia police, militia intelligence, and psy ops. **** my husband is from CT and his cousin spent 8 years as a CT State Trooper in the previous shifting as much as Federal regulation Enforcement..... he had to have a 4 3 hundred and sixty 5 days degree... yet this is for State infantrymen.... each and every city continues to be going to have their very own options.

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    The chances are excellent. He would still hae to attend a police academy to learn how to be a cop but it's nothing compared to his Marine Boot Camp.

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    A great chance. Who wouldn't want a veteran Marine as a cop? (other than the criminals)

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    In most states all a person needs is a high school diploma, and to pass the physical and psychological tests.

    Sounds simple. It isn't. Good luck.

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    military preference is always welcomed in the police world, maybe even perfered. if you got an accosicates degree in criminal justice you might be accepted even quicker. SEMPER FI!

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    i just did the same. chances are great, even without the letter of recommendation. just as long as he isn't a tool.

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    Very high

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    are you joking!? AWESOME chance, id even call it a gaurantee

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