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What is the difference between "Islamofascism" and Judeofascism?

I don't see toomany Muslim states constantly attacking and bombing other countries. Lebanon,Gaza,Syria,threats to use nuclear weapons on "Israel". Is this the primary difference?

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    Judeofascism is considered an ethnic slur while Isamofascism is not; I see no logic to that personally,but so it is,at least with the mass media. As to the rest I think Tripper nailed it down pretty well; Islamofascism is non-government and regardless of the low death toll all aggression by militant Muslims is Evil whereas all aggression from Judeofascists is Righteous,at least according to the mass media.

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    Judeofascism is considered an ethnic slur while Isamofascism is not. The reason is simply that Islamofacism is the logical result of thorough application of islamic law. Islam is political by nature, and Mohammed was brutal ruler. Islamic fundamentalists want to re-created Mohammeds rule in Media, which was totalitarian. As Hassan Al Banna, founder of the Muslim Brotherhood, said: "Islam is very similar to Nazism". The term Judeofacism is an attempt by the politically indoctrinated mass media to create a counterpart to the concept of "Islamofacism". This is of course nonsensical, since the government of Israel is democratic and modern and protects the rights of non-Jews. Jewish religious fundamentalists have no political ambition themselves, so a Jewish state run by the bearded nutcases is pure fiction. Islamofascism governmental; you can see it applied in all theocracies where the Koran is the constitution and Shariah is the laws. The high death created by militant Muslims (20,000 terrorist attacks world-wide since 2000 and that is a random starting point) is real, whereas the so-called "aggression" from Judeofascists (aka the IDF) is fundamentally a response to endless attacks on Israel by the likes of Hamas, Hizb-Allah and Fatah. But according to the mass media, they are equivalent.

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    Well it was Islamofascism that brought down the World Trade Center... but then again... and less well known... Judeofascism has many insurgencies into other countries to assinate Nazis... so In my opinion there is NO difference... and the true word is "Religous Fanatic" more discribes what your asking... Unless I'm missunderstanding what your asking...

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    First off, Islam attacks offensively. Israel attacks defensively.

    Islam is trying to turn the World moslem, and under the demands of their god (yes, lower case intentional). Islam does not mean peace, it means submission.

    Israel has no such aims. All they want is to be allowed to exist, in the land that G-d provided for them.

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    I actually do see a lot of muslim states constantly attacking and bombing other countries.


    USS Cole

    Berlin Olympics


    London Bombings

    Spanish Bombings


    Bali Bombings


    Thousands of plane hijackings, car bombs, suicide bombs, embassy attacks.

    Haven't seen too many Israelis blow themselves up inside some Western country's malls and taking out hundreds of innocents.

    Talk to the native populations of countries where Arab muslims have decimated their populations and slaughtered everyone standing in the way of their empire building land grab.

    • Ian5 years agoReport

      Don't let your limitation in knowledge or stupidity influence others mate...

      Post Hitler's ovens and the efforts of Allied forces to liberate the Jewish people, this is the thanks received.

  • Anonymous
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    Islamofascism refers to Islamist theocratic concepts; i.e. the idea of a predominately Muslim country being best served by a theocratic government. Judeofascism refers to Jewish supremecism and to the ethnocratic concept at the core of Zionism. Islamofascism manifests itself most brutally in the form of violent acts carried out by no-governmental elements. Judeofascism refers to the relentless abuse of military force by the zionist state. In terms of carnage rendered,Judeofascism is by far the more dangerous of the two,since they are easily able to achieve a vastly higher death toll and destruction of infrastructure; however western governments tend to think not in terms of the results of brute force but rather who is doing it. They are far more horrified by a terrorist act carried out by an NGO than by a military act carried out by a government,notwithstanding the much higher destructive capability of a government.

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    You don't see it because it doesn't make the news ask the Berbers or the Darfuri's or the people of Western Sahara or the Kurds or the Phillipinos or the people of Indonesia or Thailand I'm sure all these people disagree with you.

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    Judeofascism is condoned.

  • Anonymous
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    Both are redolent of ethnico-religious bigotry but the one is acceptable in the media,the other is taboo. Zionism itself could be considered fascistic; I think it is. But most zionists are Protestants,numerically.

  • Anonymous
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    People may not like this but it is my experience with the history of Arabs and Jews:

    If the situation was reversed and Hamas had the military superiority that Israel does presently, all the Jews would have been killed years ago. That's a big difference in my opinion.

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