I've never really read any graphic novels. Any recommendations?

I like dark books and action. I like books that make you think. I know I'm getting watchmen, but what else should I get??


Okay, first thank you for your answers. Second I said graphic novel not manga. I think so far only one person has listed anything but death note or some other manga. I like death note, but its not what I'm asking for. Think more Alan Moore and Frank Miller type stuff.

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    Okay here are my faveorites:


    The Leuge of Extrodinary Gentleman

    Ultimate Spiderma Complete volumes

    Batman: Going Sane

    Indiana Jones Adventures


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    You definitely have to read Death Note, its perfect for the description you gave!! Ill even give you a short summary:

    From Mangafox:

    An overachieving 12th grader, Yagami Light is an aspiring young man who seems destined for success. Unfortunately, his daily habits bore his incredible intelligence--So when a strange black notebook fell from the heavens during his class, it wasn't long before he had taken it. In his room, he finds, to his horror/fascination, that the Death Note is real, and owned by Ryuk, a Shinigami (Death God).

    Any person's name written in the Death note will kill that person in 40 seconds.... without fail.

    With this supposed gift of God, Light swears upon his grave that he will 'cleanse' the world of the evil and needless people that inhabit it, thus creating a utopia for all. With the world's greatest detective, L, hot on his tail, will Light's ideals prove too fantastic to realize, or will he succeed bringing justice?

    Theres also an anime and a movie if you want to see those as well. Hope I helped. :DDD

    You can read the book online here: http://www.mangafox.com/page/manga/series/25/death...

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    Death Note for sure because it's short (in comparison) and completed in both Japanese and English. It's a pretty "mature" manga and once you start reading it's hard to stop. It also has a REALLY well done anime based on it if you ever want to watch it.

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    Death Note, Naruto, and Bleach

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    I've read the first few books (collections) of Preacher and enjoyed those.


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    (heard it was good)

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