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does stamina rx work?

if youve tried it that would help!

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    This is unclear. This seems to be highly dependent on the man's body. There have been wide variations, where some people report it doesn't work at all, or it works great.

    I personally have tried it, and it seems to WORK (at least for me). But a lot of reviews seem to say that it works, but it's not worth the side-effects. I use it only for 'recreational' purposes.

    I personally think it might be worth it, but the timing of using it, and for when it will actually "kick in" is hard to figure out so far.

    But be careful, some people report some pretty serious side-effects, such as extreme sensitivity to light (due to dilated pupils), faster heartbeat (probably due to yohimbe), flush face, hot-flashes or chills, vomiting, nausea, and stronger heartrate.

    It's been recommended to start slow, with a half-pill, to see how your body reacts before trying more.... and PLEASE be hydrated and eat a meal (not too fatty) before trying it.

    Time to react seems to vary, from 30min to several hours.

    Erections are definitely harder, it seems it doesn't affect size, and the jury is out whether it affects stamina.

    I would NOT recommend anyone with health problems or on prescription medications take it... only for relatively healthy individuals.

    Source(s): My own experience, and research on several dietary supplements review sites.
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    does stamina rx work?

    if youve tried it that would help!

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    I tried it. Really made it hard. (hard, not difficult) Don't follow the directions. Take one in the morning and one in the evening. 5 days of this should show results. Don't ever buy it at GNC again. Ebay has it much cheaper.

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