My son wants a career in film, making commercials then moving to full length movies. Suggestions on schools?

He is currently enrolled in college but wants to get right to his career. The schools we have found all have outrageous tuition. Location is not important.

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    Know that school alone will NOT get him a job in the TV/Film business. He must put in the work to develop and build his career. Nobody will care about the diploma. It's all about the work he can produce and the people he knows.

    That said, no one can tell you what school is best for your son. That's something only he can decide. Once he's narrowed the choices down, contact each school and ask very specific questions about what they will offer in terms of curriculum that will help him learn what he wants to know. BUT, he doesn't need school to learn these things.

    What he SHOULD do is begin writing on his own. At some point he should make a short film that will illustrate his ability to direct. It will be the combination of his writing samples and his short film(s) and his personality that will open up doors to directing commercials and features.

    The film/TV business is an art, but it is also a business. It costs a tremendous amount of money to create even the most modest of productions. Your son must illustrate to investors that he will be an asset whose work will ensure a profit.

    Thousands of aspiring filmmakers graduate from the 700+ worldwide filmschools every year and only a scant percentage of them are able to claim that the film industry provides them with their primary income. And only a very small percentage of those ever get to direct a film. And only scant few of those get to direct more than one movie in their life. So the odds are extremely small that you will get to do this for a living. Not impossible, but definitely very difficult.

    He must be sure that his scripts are as good as they can be. Then, he must work to get them noticed by an established and reputable agent. Most professional Producers and studios will NOT even consider looking at unsolicited material. It MUST be submitted by an Agent. That affords the studio/Producer a measure of legal protection and it gives him a level of credibility (that someone else has recognized his talent).

    So he should start writing today. Don't wait for school. To get him started, there are a couple of resources that I HIGHLY recommend he read. They are listed below.

    If he does want to go to filmschool, find one with a strong screenwriting program. For the most complete worldwide list of filmschools offered anywhere, go to and click on the "Filmschools" link at the top of the page. You can search by location and easily find all of the schools available along with their current contact information. Research the schools and then contact them with questions regarding his specific situation. If possible, contact alumni to find out what they thought of their education.

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    The best film/tv schools in the US are UCLA, NYU, and USC. I also really like the program at North Carolina School of the Arts, RISD, Northwestern, Syracuse, UC Berkeley, UNC Chapel Hill, U Michigan Ann Arbor, U Texas Austin, and Florida State U. Those schools have very, very well respected film programs, and would be an excellent choice for a student who wanted to make a career in film. He'd be rubbing shoulders with greatness - learning from the best, networking with professors and students, etc. Very good choices.

    Notice I didn't list any of those for-profit "film schools" on there?

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    Yep, film schools are extremely expensive, but, he is going to need that kind of education unless he's extremely talented.

    I'm sure that there are state universities out there that are known for there film programs, you just have to find them. Every once in a while, Yahoo Answers can be helpful, but most of the time you have to go to a specialized forum for these types of things. I recommend going to . Get an account and post this question there.

    I'm sure your going to get better responses.


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    Whatever school you choose don't pick Full Sail or any Film School like it.

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