Where can I find maps of faults, fault lines and earthquake activity in the United States?

That's pretty much it.

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    Do you just want a prepared map or are you comparing this to something?

    Source(s): Use this to view them on google earth ftp://hazards.cr.usgs.gov/maps/qfault/ This is the link to the actual USGS page for maps of faults http://earthquake.usgs.gov/regional/qfaults/ click on Interactive Map http://gldims.cr.usgs.gov/webapps/cfusion/Sites/C2...
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    Your best bets are at libraries, universities, and on online databases. You're most likely to find the most up-to-date and dependable maps at a university.

  • Geology.com

  • 1 decade ago

    usgs.gov is the official website of the US Geological Survey. They have all that and more.

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    white house they have every map

    I Studyed about it

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