A Skin BLEACHING Family??!!! Jamaica?

A Skin BLEACHING Family??!!! Jamaica?

I have heard of this! 3 yrs ago I visited Jamaica(my country) and people came up to my sister saying how in the country people bleach to get her complexion.

WATCH THIS! it disgusts me!!!

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Yeah all I could think was DUMBASS...she said "oh its the style" wth!

and the little boy wants country!

this makes me ashamed to be Jamaican..and they do this a lot in Haiti, and Africa! People should be PROUD of their skin! (that goes for light people who burn their skin in tanning salons as well)


ah. Rihanna does NOT bleach

My skin is like that too. Caribbean people a lot of times have Irish or Scottish or English in them. That's sort of why we both have green eyes. Her Grandma was Irish. My great grandparent was Scottish

Update 2:

Mpressvrn when I talk about skin bleachers I include:Jamaicans,Haitians, Africans(including Af Americans!), Indians, or any other non fair skin person who bleaches...

It's just more common in the Caribbean, Africa, and India...I think people in East Asia do it too.

Update 3:

Ayita..her skin looks natural to me....In Barbados she was in the blazing sun a lot!!!!! In America she is not so her skin is fairer now.

My friend's friend is in prison now. She went to visit him and says he is pale like Jessica Alba. He used to be Rihannas color. SOO when you are not in the sun than of course your skin will change. And this is the second time I posted because people NEED to see this. The first time I posted I guess no one was awak/around. I love black people but we need to unite and LOVE our skin!

Update 4:

Ayita...also this made me cry as well. They may think it's fashion but it's just self hate

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    I'm part Jamaican and this **** makes me sick,(can't even watch the whole video) makes me ashamed of my flag I'm wearing right now but it is so true and one of the stereotypes of Jamaicans to bleach theirselves like crazy, wear weave or straighten the hair with a perm,etc,etc. From my father's family is the same thing too, they never treated my mother right just because she was brown skin somewhere in the middle and complained to my dad that she is too black or too dark skin when one of them isn't even all that light skin.When they met my aunt who is married to my father's brother they treated her with more respect and one of their daughters said ignorantly"She has pretty clear yellow skin" and including her, she doesn't like dark skin black people. Whatever happened to the true Jamaican we are proud of our black skin,you're my African queen,and the models that represented Jamaica.Now you see them bashing dark people, going goo goo for the light skin ones, European/mixed looking light skin girls on reggae music videos,and ones posing for Jamaica are light skin and ones that they advertise aren't even Jamaican they were Hispanic girls.Wow, it's not only the African Americans who got skin color issues, it's with Jamaicans, the rest of the Carribean,Africans, and black people world wide.Have to open their eyes and improve to do better.Obama or somebody needs to make a speech about this because honestly the new black beauty is light skin most likely with straight (reffered as good).hair

    Source(s): No disrespect but that mother needs to get punched or smacked bloody hard in the face for doing that to her family. Can't blame her. blame racism and negative black media.
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    I am from Jamaica too and when I go to visit it is really disgusting and horrible! It's funny b/c a lot of them walk around with the bleaching cream on their faces acting like it is sexy! All they are doing is messing up their face, and then their hands and the rest of their body is black as NIGHT!! P.s.- OH Gosh that video is so sad, look at that woman's face, it is eating her face out. How sad!! We seriously need to start educating our people I am so sicken and sad by that!! Look how society is,, that black people can not love their color they are trying to become white, how sad! It is all in the media, we need more black people on tv, and in the movie. Then their distorted view of beauty will change.

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    You should read Laura Jefferson’s book "Skin Whitening At Home" ( I saw it's also available in electronic format +video: ). After 8 weeks I managed to get my skin a few tones whiter and I also got rid of freckles.

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    Black people have historically always come in different shades of brown and nothing is "wrong" with any skin color.

    My family is Senegalese, we come in shades from reddish brown to dark chocolate and no one bleaches.

    If some black people do it's because they taught to be ashamed of their skin color whatever it is.

    Don't forget about the African Americans that bleach as well.

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    I was able to lightening my sking without cream, drugs or supplements. I followed this method (100% naural)


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    they are like many black people who look down on there own race, what a shame

    I guess they live in an area where evryone is black and they would like to stand out, however they are fools who are ruining there own skin

    it doesnt even may them look good, it actually makes the look terrible, what is there problem

  • Ayita
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    That made me cry a little because I'm Caribbean and I am Proud of my dark skin and my Afro-Latin roots.

    Rhianna does bleach her skin along with other Black celebrities. Rhianna was darker when she first came out a couple of years ago.

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    I can't believe you post this question third times a day lol

    I do not even believe that you are the black girl behind that avartar. why would you want to say that black girls are obsessed to fair complexion? its not your bussiness.

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    It doesnt and shouldnt disgust you, I feel sorry for them, they are probably obsessed by the traditional 'western' beauty of all things, white tall and thin.

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