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How to stop stuttering?

I've been stuttering ever since I was 7 years old. Im 14 now and I want to make friends and talk to people, order food do anything. I don't know how to stop. Slowing down doesn't help, my mom and dad wont take me to speech therapy, I have tried reading out loud but didn't help. Can any of you please help me?

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    Research Charles Van Riper, he was the first SLP to do a lot of extensive research on stuttering. I also agree about the public school therapist, that service should be provided to you. Also if you live near a college they might have a speech and hearing clinic that you can go to. Back to Charles van Riper, he started syllable timed speech where you clap your hands or snap your fingers with every syllable you say, a metronome might also help. I wouldn't try this in public, but try to have a conversation with yourself trying this. It sounds really robotic but it helps. Van Riper was a stutterer his whole life and he used this technique.

    Source(s): BS in Speech Language Pathology and Audiology
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    I stuttered ever since I could remember. And It was embarassing and I couldn't even rent a movie because I couldn't give them my phone number without stuttering like crazy. My parents took me to speech therapists and everything but nothing worked. Seriously, slowing down didn't work, the speech therapist didn't work, reading out loud didn't work..nothing worked. But it just seemed that as I got odler, it went away. I am now 22 and it's gone. I think I'm much more relaxed and I really don't know what happened. Just try talking slowly and that helped me a little..just one word at a time..seriously. A lot of people don't understand people who stutter, they basically just make fun of us, but it's not your fault. It usually goes away when you get older, that's what my doctor told me. And now I don't stutter at all.

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    Just relax. I know it's easier said than done, but I've seen it happen too many times. Try clapping with every syllable like they teach you to do in school, it'll help the word come out whole. Find a spot to look at; looking at a person straight in the eye can make the situation more awkward and your stuttering more likely to happen.

    Source(s): My little brother had a stuttering problem.
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    I stutter from time to time, when i was younger it happened alot.

    Now i am 21 years old and it happens when i get hyper, or excited about something.

    It is funny though, cause i stutter in english,spanish, online i double type words i will say "the the" or "of of" or "hand hand", very odd, and even in sign language i will double sign stuff, i will pause, then repeat.

    It is just another little quork that people have.

    If you believe it will make your selection of friends lower, then thats good! I wouldn't want to be friends with someone who made fun of people cause they stutter...


    To all those that say to 'think hard' that is one thing that can make it worse.

    Source(s): Me, a stutter-er?
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    At this point you can't focus on stopping stuttering. you need to focus on managing your stuttering. you really need to go to a speech therapist for this. they will be able to show you techniques and strategies that will improve your fluency. Ask your parents again. if you go to a public school, there should be a speech therapist at your school. sometimes your health insurance will also pay for a speech therapist. if you want you can Google the technique "easy onset." that's where they would start in therapy. get on your parents.

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    I knew a few people that had problems with this. Don't let it hold you back. In fact, one of my ex boyfriends way back in highschool had a stuttering problem. It doesn't define who you are. You're fine. Just keep trying to work on reading out loud in your room or where ever you can be alone. Keep telling yourself you are doing better and eventually it will be better. I help my ex back then ad he got much better! He didn't realize it but it did help!

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    when you are with family or friends, practice stuttering on purpose, just say the 1st letter of every word before each word.

    th-that w-will f-fool y-your b-brain ah-in ter-to ner-not ster-stuttering

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    think really hard before sayingthings or just go to a docter

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    w-w-w why dont u try ordering a smaller meal..

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