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What Jesus wearing snowshoes when he gave the Sermon on the Mount?



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    If it were snowing on the mountain he would have chosen a different location. There were men, women, children, old people and babies out their listening to him. He loved these people and had a message he wanted to enrich their lives with. The same message that is available for you. The great thing about this generation is the media. You can learn about God in many different ways. Read about his sermons. Learn about his message of unconditional love, freedom of sin and the gift of salvation and eternal life. Do some research and then you can see for yourself what his love is all about. There is a reason why he hasn't been forgotten. This message has remained current and revelant for over 2000 years. It never grows old or stale.

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    Which Jesus?

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    hehehehe wat!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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