scene kid or scene queen and emo.?

hey thanks for reading and answering.

no rude comment please just answer the best to you ability =]

or what is the difference between

scene kid.?

scene queen.?

and emo.?

note i want the scene look i alredy do my haid tesed and dark make up. and black clothes and skinny jeans, any other advice for me i want a new look (well more of a new look for school)

thanks a lot have a nice day :)

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    A scene kid is someone who wears neon colours and are loud.

    I guess a scene queen is along the same line.

    And emos are portrayed to wear black and be quiet.

    hope this helps =]

    Source(s): scene kids at school, and im emo :D
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    you have a lot of scene questions...

    well, a scene kid I guess would just be anyone who wears tight skinny jeans, eyeliner (not all the time with guys), straight hair, and girls usually wear the bows and shirts with different prints on them. Sometimes it could be a band t-shirt.

    So really, they cause a "scene". Make heads turn. They're usually bubbly, sometimes stuck-up, and stick with their own people.

    Emo I'm not sure about. Sometimes people say they're emo just because they want to be part of a group. It may be a person is usually by themselves and keeps their hair in their face and seems very shy, though this could be anybody. They may look like scene kids, but scene kids aren't supposed to be depressed, they're supposed to be RANDOM! like RAWR!! XD

    and a scene queen is probably a girl who has huge scene hair (something that I would NOT want to touch) and has a LOT of friends on myspace. A LOT. They're pretty much everything scene and you wonder how they do it.

  • Vickii
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    1 decade ago

    You seem a poser but, in my school these are the terms of what you want to know:

    Emo: Someone who can't fit into scene kids, try too hard, and get depressed xD

    Scene Kid: Someone who looks up to the scene queens, wears bright colours, along with black, is random at times.

    Scene Queen: The "head" of all scenesters. Is popular, has loads of friends *on myspace/ bebo etc*, has straight hair, and a pretty normal haircut, dresses scene with a fashionable twist... and sometimes backcombs their hair, but not tacky. Wears designer (or fake designer) stuff.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    emo is some1 that dresses in skinny jean pumps dark cloths listen too kwel music well i think its kwel nd most of thm slit there wrists emo is short for emotional some ppl call me emo but i'm just my own style nd i dnt self cut ! ! ! i don't no what the rest mean soz hope i helped wiv the emo part :)

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  • 1 decade ago

    i tihnk you're a poser...but i'll just give you a helpful hint.

    stop trying to fit in. there's actually a lot of people who don't think it looks good and makes fun of people who dress like they had a five year old put makeup on them. STOP trying to be like everyone else. that's NOT a NEW LOOK. it's soo yourself for once. want an actual NEW look? make something up.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    scene is like glam emo

    emo is urrgh i hate myself i wanna die cut my wrist waa waa

    not really sure what a scene queen is maybe its the same as scene sounds to me like your posing! get a life be yourself i HATE POSERS so does everyone else

  • 1 decade ago

    i think emo means someone who is quiet, nerdy and wears like sweaters, thick glasses and stuff

    scene means they wear neon colors and sometimes tacky and very bold looking

    but I'm not good with these labels and stuff :p

  • Fugazi
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    1 decade ago

    I think I might be to old to answer this!

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