Does anyone know how shaun slater/robert kazinsky leaves in eastenders?

my country is always two weeks behind the uk,so im wondering if you guys have seen how he left?tell me tell me!!thanks.

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  • Lauren
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    1 decade ago
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    oh ok! he drives roxy and amy to where she thinks the flat is but then he takes her to an iced over lake instead. He then says he will drive over it and get them away from their families forever. Jack and Ronnie have been talking and are looking for Roxy and when Roxy realises that sean is talking about killing themselves, she puts her fone on speaker while ringing ronnie and asks sean where they are. he tell her and ronnie and jack go to find them. Roxy gets herself out and just as Sean if about to drive him and amy into the lake. jack gets her out. Sean wants Amy so Roxy runs out onto the lake and calls to him knowing thats what he wants. he follows her and just as they decide that they are going to go back, the ice crack and they fall through. sean tries to pull roxy down but then ronnie dives in and saves her. they walk off and roxy sees sean get out. he starts to walk towards her and she tells him to go away. you see him walk off. very sad!

  • 1 decade ago

    I live in the UK and he hasnt died yet, he's just gone away..hes left Roxy and Baby Amy because He found out Amy isnt his Real daughter, its Jack Brannings daughter.

    So Yes, so far..hes just gone away.

    But im not sure whether he dies or not :)

    I Hope he doesnt!



  • 3 years ago

    lol....what u . s . do you reside in? actuality, roxy sean and toddler amy plan to run away. yet then, sean and roxy drown the two sink into an icey lake. ronnie dives into the water herself and then saves roxy. some moments later, sean comes out of the water aswell. and then roxy turns to him and says:''sean...basically pass'' and then he basically walks into the woods, and disapears. wish this helped x

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