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Who will be starting pitchers in the Braves rotation in 2009?

The Braves just lost John Smoltz to the Red Sox, Mike Hampton was not re-signed, and Tim Hudson won't be ready to come back until August. As I see it they only have 2 bona fide starters on the staff. As a fan, I got tired of watching a minor league rotation last year, but this year the management is not putting forth much effort to sign good pitchers. Hampton and Texiera are no longer putting pressure on the salary cap. I guess they will be battling Washington for fourth place in the NL East in 2009.


I agree with the comment about Frank Wren. We never heard things like having Burnett and Furcal out of Scheurholz. Campillo is mediocre at best and they may not offer Glavine a contract because they think he may be hurt. They have made an offer to a Japanese pitcher, but with Wren's track record that may fall through as well.

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This is not a political category and snide remarks about George Bush in no way answers the question. I've read all that before in the politics section. Thumbs down to you.

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    The Braves have certainly tried to sign good pitchers. They pursued Jake Peavy and A.J. Burnett with no success and are now pursuing Derek Lowe. I'll admit Javier Vazquez is no Jake Peavy, but he's an inning-eater that can provide some respite for the bullpen. Jurrjens would likely be the #2 starter behind (a healthy) Glavine now that Smoltz signed with Boston. Provided they sign Lowe and re-sign Glavine, the Braves rotation could look like this:






    If they don't sign Lowe, they still have Ben Sheets, Jon Garland, Andy Pettitte, Braden Looper, Paul Byrd and Freddy Garcia to look at.

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    i'm additionally a Braves fan and Frank Wren has suggested he will attempt to get 2 commencing Pitchers and one vast bat for LF do no longer understand who he will have the skill to get yet i think of getting Peavy would be an exceedingly good element however the commencing pitchers have had problems with injuries with Hudson out for many of 2009 and Smoltz arm issues. Glavine merely injured and in the event that they settle directly to hold back Hampton he's harm services too yet he replaced into ok the merely right starts off he had. The lineup isn't incredible like the Phillies. Braves are somewhat time-honored vast bats are McCann and Chipper. i'm hoping Francoeur can come back and teach every physique incorrect that he remains an exceedingly good participant. Kotchman i do in contrast to he's in contrast to Teixeira. Kelly is a robust 2b and Escobar a reliable SS, Chipper will probable play a hundred and forty video games so Infante and Prado could desire to get play time and are good function gamers. Braves choose a huge bat like Teixeira yet merely participant i can think of of is Magglio Ordonez of the Tigers perhaps Wren can get a commerce completed if no longer the only unfastened agent vast bat is Adam Dunn which isn't what i choose. Braves choose 2 ace form pitchers and a huge bat. in the event that they commerce Escobar we could desire to discover a SS. Bullpen is sweet with Soriano, Gonzalez, Moylan (comeback from harm) the greater cutting-edge adult adult males are very nicely like Acosta, Boyer, chum. Braves could desire to concentration on SP and LF because of the fact Matt Diaz isn't a reliable LF. A platoon in CF could be an decision with Anderson and Blanco no longer best yet we gained't have all stars in each and every place. flow Braves

  • Frank Wren needs to be fired ASAP! I'm a huge Braves fan, and it's going to be bad this years. Right now all they have is Jurrjens, Campillo, and Vazquez. I guess if Glavine comes back then he'll be in there.

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