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Would you want your child to become a crook, or either a doctor or a lawyer?

I really don't think doctors or lawyers are different from crooks.

The industries that I hate the most in America now are the entertainment, sports, health care and legal industries, among others. If you can name any more, I would welcome it.

1. The movie industry is charging almost 10 dollars for a bag of small popcorn and a drink. It's a luxury now to eat that crap. That is so mean.

2. Eating food at the stadium is ridiculous too. The tickets are overpriced too.

3. The health care industry is clearly not managing their costs properly. People go bankrupt if they're that right?

4. I was reading the Detroit News yesterday. A woman involved in Kwame Kilpatrick's scandal owes legal fees of $750,000 to her attorneys, plus $100,000 in restitution to the city of Detroit. She will likely never work for a great wage again given her record, HOW WILL SHE PAY THIS BACK? Why should it cost so much to defend yourself?

The only reason doctors and lawyers make so much is because they extort working people. The sports stars and movie stars, well, they make money because they are famous, but when you see the Yankees paying an athlete 20+ million a year in a depression, it makes you wonder!


Kit Fang, as soon as I heard you were a law student, you lost your credibility!

Law students are the worst breed of people out there. You couldn't get a job out of undergrad, so you went to law school, and now you think you are smarter than everyone, and that lawyers hold some sword of justice.

Wait until you get in the real world, and no, you're not going to be rich like Ellen Parsons from Damages.

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    As for movies and sports - you have every right NOT to go to those and therefore not pay their outrageous prices. As long as fools keep paying it, they'll keep charging it. I haven't paid for a movie ticket or stadium ticket in years - I don't want to pay that much.

    Now, as for doctors, it is not the doctors' fault that the medical system has become corrupt and bloated and bureaucratic. There has been too much interference by the govt into it, and with all the regulations, prices have skyrocketed. But the doctors aren't making any more than they were before.

    And as far as lawyers, I personally believe if you're accused of something and then found innocent, the person who accused you should have to cover the costs of your legal representation. That would dramatically cut down on these stupid frivolous lawsuits that are clogging our courts and costing individuals and companies lots of money. But since you would need to pass a law to make that happen, and our Congress is full of lawyers, that will never happen - they don't want to cut down on business for themselves and their colleagues.

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    Your points about cinemas etc. are so easily overcome.

    1. buy food from another shop, and eat that in the cinema. It's what everyone else does, after all.

    2. Watch it on TV

    3. I agree with number 3 actually, health care should be available to everyone, at the same cost, rather than the rich having the best health care because they have the best insurance etc.

    4. You only have to pay if you lose. Don't want to pay? Don't take to court a case you are likely to lose, or don't hire such an expensive attorney. Or represent yourself - it's free.

    I also agree with your point on athletes. I wish I got paid that much just for kicking a ball around for a few hours a week, whilst nurses and police officers and firefighters etc. earn a pitiful amount.

    As a law student, I have to disagree with your view on lawyers. It is the compensation culture and the greed of individuals that is making lawyers fees so high. There are plenty of cheap lawyers out there, they're just not as good as the expensive ones. Like anything else, you pay more for the best. That's just how things work, otherwise the crap people would get the same as the good people, and would have no incentive to try to better their practises etc.

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    You have a choice to:

    1. Stop going to movies

    2. Stop going to stadiums

    3. Don't commit a crime and you won't need a criminal lawyer.

    You are completely misguided about what drives health care costs. It is government and private insurance and a tort happy society.

    Edit: For all you thumbs down happy people, the only reason atheletes and movie stars make so much money is because we continue to pay to see both. If people don't like how much money they make then stop attending their events.

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    Well it's true that the athletes today are just over paid idiots but if we didn't give those morons something to keep them busy they would just fill up our prisons//man keep them busy but the saddest thing of all is the Media////

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    Professional athletes should be paid in the millions. They should make a good living but not be millionaires for playing a game they enjoy

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