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Is this heater ok for a Betta? My heater for my other tank has to be fully submersed. I don't think that this ?

is possible with this heater since I have to leave room at the top of the tank for Jazzy (my betta) to breath. Thanks!


It was the style of heater. Not the wattage. I will order him a 25 watt one, not that one.

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    My god. What size tank do you have him in. lmfao. That heater is good for about 25-40 gallons of water. It will totally cook anything below 10 gallons.

    5 gallon tanks should be 50 watt. And 2.5 gallon tanks are 25 watt.

    Just because it has to be submersed, doesnt mean theres no room at the top. Submersible heaters can be used just like any other heater. Its just a plus they can be submersed. You just place it the way a normal heater would go, and make sure the minimum water line is below the water level. If all else, you can even place them at angles. Thats how my betta tank is, because the heater is too long to go up and down, so its at a 45 degree angle against the back wall.

    Oh, well that makes more sense. lmao. Sorry about that. Well, just make sure that the heater will actually fit. You need the water level above the minimum water line on the heater. Thats the problem that I had with all the heaters I tried. I kept trying to get away with a cheap heater, and they were all too long. So I had to finally buy a submersible so I could lay it sideways.

    But it actually fitting is the only problem you might have.

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