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eric asked in Yahoo ProductsYahoo Search · 1 decade ago

why does spybot search and destroy leave so much crap behind?

i recently downloaded spy-bot search and destroy.some people love it but others trash it.anyway i tried it but NO THANKS.ive heard that uninstalling this program leaves a lot of trash behind. it really does.after uninstall i still had some files left behind that i would have had to manually remove .im glad i have revo uninstaller on my machine.i installed spybot again and ran revo.this great tool got all the my question is why does spy-bot leave hard to remove files behind?ps. i got a paid anti-spy program that works great

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    1 decade ago
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    use spyware begone if you r upset with spybot search and destroy.

    I too used to like spybot search and destroy once but spyware begone 10.2 is awesome.

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