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    Noise is accepted as one of the factors to be considered in the design and installation of building services. The origins of the noise in the appliances, equipment and fittings may be summarized as follows:

    (1) Flow noise

    • Turbulent conditions

    • Separation at corners and bends

    • Cavitation, water hammer, splashing from terminal fittings

    • Air bubbles in piping

    (2) Mechanical noise

    • Flushing mechanisms

    • Pump noise

    • Vibrations, rattling induced by fluid flow

    (3) Temperature effects

    • Noise due to expansion or contraction of pipework

    • Bubbling, steam formation and collapse

    Prevention of noise

    The solution to noise control problems generally involves three components:

    the noise source, the receiver, and the pathway between the two. The

    following methods could be used to prevent and reduce noise:

    (1) Planning considerations

    • Separate noise source from quiet areas

    • Group noise sources together

    • Locate noisy equipment in basements

    (2) Constructional considerations

    • Openings around pipes and walls/floors to be sealed

    • Use vibration isolators

    • Use heavy wall construction if possible

    (3) Noise source

    • Use equipment with quiet operation

    • Limit the pump speed

    • Prevent flow noise by proper design of piping

    (4) Design of the system

    • Avoid excessive water velocity (lower than 3 m/s)

    • Use pressure reducing valves to limit system pressure


    ( 1 )流動噪聲





    ( 2 )機械噪聲



    •泵噪聲振動,rattling 減少由流體流動

    ( 3 )溫度影響





    ( 1 )規劃考慮




    ( 2 )施工因素




    ( 3 )噪聲源




    ( 4 )系統設計



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    其實你可以加個water hammer arrester , 水搥既安裝位置好重要, 下面哩個網應該可以幫到你

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