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在我小時候, .我的父母知道我喜歡數學,經常鼓勵我們向數學發展,還經常提出很多有趣的數學難題讓我們解答.在學校里,老師也都發現我對數學十分有熱誠,還讓我參加過小學數學問答比賽,雖然我得不到名次,但也沒有打擊我對數學的熱誠!我十分享受做數學題,每當我完成一條數學難題,我都會很有無比的成功感!那時候我就知道我長大以後會繼續研究數學.

我覺得數學這一門科目很厲害,它可以很容易,也可以很難, 數量關係和空間形式在這個世界上是無處不在的.正正是因為如此,所以我們需要數學來讓我們理解這些東西!我覺得數學是無所不能的,任何一樣東西都離不開數學,每一樣東西都帶有數學成分!因此我被數學吸引住了,我想更加了解數學這一門學科!我想研究更多更多沒有人知道的數學.



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    I want to major in tMathematics when I attend the University because I think this is a very interesting subject. When I was a little kid, I loved to teach my younger brother on this subject. In my family, every family members like to crack the mystery of complicated Math problems. And they have a talent for that. I have one elder sister and one younger brother whom they both love Mathematics and have the talent. When I was young, my parents realized that I love Mathematics, and they always encouraged me to study further in this subject. In addition, they always create some complicated and interesting Mathemtics problems for me to solve. In school, my teacher discovered that I have enthusiasm towards Mathematics, and allowed me to have the chance for a primary school Mathematics competition. Although I didn’t get any rewards, it doesn’t affect my enthusiasm towards this subject. I enjoy doing Mathematics problems. I feel a strong sense of success after I solved a Mathematics problem. From that time on, I know I will research into Mathematics when I grow up. ,

    I feel that Mathematics is a very special subject, it can be very easy or very difficult. The Mathematics relationship and space is ubiquitous. Because of this reason, we need Mathematics to understand the other matters. I feel that everything is relevant to Mathematics , so I am really enthralled by Mathematics. I want t to further my studies in this subject. I want to research this subject which is not known by many people.

    I went to Britain in July, 2007. My English was not up to par at that time, not to mention basic communication with other people. Now I have many local friends, and I can communicate with them fluently. From this example, my adaptability and learning ability are very fast. Many people commented that I am very clever to learn any new things.

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    Finally, I feel I am a student with potential in related to Mathematics. I think I can understand Mathematics extensively in the University, and it can also fulfill my curiosity. If I have a chance, I wish I can pursue Mathematics-related matters with detailed research.

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    I would like to study mathematics at the university of the subjects, because I think the doors are very interested in the subjects. I like to do from an early age mathematical problems, in my family, each family member like to study math problem! I have a sister and a brother, they are very fond of mathematics, and they have a mathematical mind.

    When I was young,. My parents know I like mathematics, often encouraged us to the development of mathematics, but also often made a lot of interesting math problems for us to answer. In school, teachers have found that I have great enthusiasm for mathematics, but also let me participated in Primary Mathematics quiz, although I am not ranked, but it will not hurt my enthusiasm for mathematics! I very much enjoy doing math problems, whenever I complete a math problem, I will be very great sense of satisfaction! time I knew I grew up will continue to study mathematics.

    I think the subjects of mathematics very powerful, it can easily can also be difficult, the number of relations and the spatial form in the world everywhere. It is precisely because of this, so we need mathematics to let us understand these things ! I think the math is omnipotent, any thing can not be separated from mathematics, everything with a mathematical ingredients! So I was fascinated by mathematics, and I would like to learn more about the subjects of mathematics! I would like to study more No one knows more math.

    I came in July 2007 the United Kingdom, at that time, I can say that English proficiency is very low, even with the basic local exchange can not be, but I am in a short period of time, to learn English, now I have a lot of local friends, I can smooth exchanges with them. This shows that I am an ability to adapt quickly and learning ability of people, many people have said I have a very smart brain, to learn anything new.

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    I want to a major in Mathematics when I attend University because I find it a very interesting. I love to tackle math questions since when I was a child. Everyone in my family likes to crack complicated math problems and they are very mathematical inclined.

    When I was young, my parents realise my passion for Mathematics, and they always encourage me make progress on this subject. They come up with complicated and interesting Mathematical problems for me to solve. At school, my teacher discovered that I have enthusiasm in Mathematics, and even let me to participate in the primary school Mathematics competitions. Although I won any awards, it didnt affect my passion to this field. I enjoy the process of solving Mathematical problems. It gives me a sense of achievement whenever I have solved a Mathematical problem. Since then, I know I will continue to research into Mathematics when I grow up. ,

    I feel that Mathematics is a very powerful subject, it could be very easy or difficult. The relationship between Mathematics and space can be find everywhere. For this reason alone, we need Mathematics to help us understand these matters. There is no limit to the application of Mathematics and I find everything is related to Mathematics. As such I am really enthralled by Mathematics. I want t to further my studies in this subject. I want to research this subject which is not known by many.

    I came to UK in July, 2007. My English was not up to par at that time, even to fullfill the basic requirement of communicating with the locals. Within the short time frame, I have improved my proficiency in English, I have many local friends, and I can communicate with them fluently. I hope by this example, I have shown my adaptability and the ability to pick up thing very fast. Many people have commented that I have been gifted with a smart brain to learn. Lastly, I believe I have a lot of potentials and ideals in the field of Mathematics.

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    I hope to learn, appreciate and answer some of my curiosity about Mathematics during my time in the University. I hope I could conduct some research projects on Mathematics at the University.

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