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ten indians boys 的作者和原文簡介


有誰知道ten indians boys 的作者和原文簡介 ?

麻煩幫幫我!! 謝謝!!

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    Ten Little Indians


    Sherman Alexie (Author)

    Sherman Alexie, a gifted poet and storyteller, plows familiar yet fertile ground in his third collection of short stories, Ten Little Indians.The book contains nine stories populated by at least one AmericanIndian (usually of Alexie's Spokane heritage, and mostly living inSeattle), but "little" is a bit of a misnomer; the book addresses human(not necessarily Indian), rituals, ceremony, love, loss, insecurityover life choices, and personal sacrifices. A lot of intense basketballis played, too. When Alexie is at his best, his stories function ata profoundly sad level, where broken down characters are broken downeven more, but are fierce-willed enough to attempt Phoenix-liketransitions. Unfortunately, the weakest stories appear first, wherecharacters and situations seem far too contrived or forced, thedialogue wooden, and questions or exclamatory sentences appearannoyingly in bunches. In the last half of the book, a married couple,once intensely in love but now lost in life's routines, deal withinfidelity ("Do You Know Where I Am?"); a bright basketball prospectattempts a comeback--twenty years after giving up the game ("WhateverHappened to Frank Snake Church?"); and a transient Indian finds hisgrandmother's regalia in a pawn shop and seeks to quickly raise thelofty purchase price ("What You Pawn I Will Redeem"). Brilliant turnsof phrase abound, such as ceremonies being "pitiful cries to adisinterested God," or when a gym rat plays against"Basketball-Democrats who came to the court alone and ran with anybodyand Basketball-Republicans who traveled in groups of five and only ranwith each other." Ten Little Indians is an uneven collection, but contains some significant, memorable stories. --Michael Ferch --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.


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