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1,要開心難不難? 對於性格開朗的我來說,一點也不難, 我深信只要內

心開心,時常掛著微笑, 周圍的家人朋友都會受到影響, 所以每次遇到

問題,我都會從正面去想, 積極面對, 因為消極不是解決問題的有效方法

2,我會選擇我很喜歡的一首歌,歌名是someones watching over me, 因為它除了好聽外,它的意思是很有意義的,不論是唱它或者聽它都

是很有共鳴的,因為我相信就算一切變得多壞,都會有人守護我的.在 這個世界上,無論我做得是不是成功,我的家人和朋友都是好像守護神這樣守護我的,所以我會選擇這首歌曲來唱

3,呢個GROUP 可以令我表達一些個人的議見,亦可以與別人溝通, 從而參考更多的意見...當我們達到共識,決定在什麼時候,舉行什麼活動, 活動的目的和內容. 從這個過程中, 可以了解和學習更多的人和事物,當活動舉辦得很成功.作為有份參與和刷劃的我.會獲得很大的滿足和成功((成就))感.


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    1, should be happy and difficult? To I having a bright and cheerful disposition, not difficult at all, I am deeply convinced only inside The heart is happy, often hung smiling, the friends of family around will all be influenced , so meet each time The question, I will be from go to think positively , face actively, because the passivism is not the effective method to solve the problem 2, I will choose a song that I like very much, the name of the song is someones watching over me, because it , except that pleasant , meaning of it very meaningful , no matter sing it or listen to it Have sympathetic response very much, because I believe even if how bad everything become , someone will defend me . In this world, no matter whether I do successfully, my family and friend all seem the patron saint defend mine like this, so I will choose this song to sing 3, can make pieces of GROUP because it last some discussing not meeting personal I, communicate others also, thus consult more suggestions ...As we reach the common understanding, it is decided when it is , what activity is held, purpose and content of the activity. From this course, can understand and study more person and things , as the activity is run very successfully. As there is the share that participates in and brushes I who rowed. It will get very it and can't succeed ((achievement)) sense.

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    You need to work on your English before you can help others.

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