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Whenever Israel wants to attack a region, will they now just accuse them of "firing rockets into Israel"?

Without any evidence and bodies as proof (as usual)?

Update 2:

Israel is now attacking Lebanon--again!

Update 3:

Jeremy: Uh...Pearl Harbor happened and there was a lot of evidence and they admitted it.

Update 4:

Grandmaster J: Where the proof that they did?

Update 5:

They never show us any Isreali casualties--we're just supposed to take their word for it so that they can attack others. They always do the same thing! Didn't they attack Lebanon's infrastructure and kill many civilians (including foreign UN monitors who were killed because their building was a target) the last time because Hezbollah was supposedly holding an Israeli soldier hostage?

Update 6:

Mananamanda: Can you show me that footage?

Update 7:

Yup, I'm dumb and there's no footage--thanks.

Update 8:

darkal: I saw one that I assume was supposed to be a missile attack--which showed no missile in sight--just an explosion in the middle of the ground (and black left on the ground)!

Update 9:

I feel bad for both the Palestinians and the Israelis being attacked with these weapons--thanks for letting me see that!

Update 10:

Yeah that looks like a rocket.

Update 11:

Or a bomb--something dropping down that's heavy for sure.

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    An Ex-Zionist Jew writes article: "Today I end my support for Israel"

    Jews for Justice in the Middle East have published a TRUE account of the Origin of the Palestine-Israel Conflict

    Albert Einstein and Bertrand Russell have stated that Israel is an illegitimate, Fascist and Terrorist state. For Russell's statement go to Click on Russell's "Various Writings" Then click on "On Israel and Bombing"

    1 hour thorough documentary: Peace, Propaganda and the Promised Land -- Media & the Israel-Palestine Conflict"

    3 Minute Video To Cure Ignorance

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  • saile
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    4 years ago

    And what on the challenge of the quantity of rockets and artillery that Israel has fired shrink lower back at Gaza once you think approximately that that date and at Lebanon and various places? 2 wrongs do not make an astounding, so why is Israel exempt from bombing others, yet diverse worldwide places at the instant are not allowed to touch Israel without a extensive hoohaa? Sorry, i don't see any distinction, killing is incorrect on the two section and if persons prefer to call me anti Semitic then do it, least i comprehend that i'm not into killing innocents worldwide!

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    If you desire proof so much of Israeli bodies, here you are:

    Just click the button to approve you're over 18 and enjoy. After a commercial, the footage will start.

    And if you think Hamas wouldn't shoot from U.N. schools, here's your footage as well, from last year:

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    The only reason you don't see any footage of Israeli casualties on the media is because you're watching the western media - They're biased towards Palestinians.

    Btw, it's quite ironic - Just this morning I told of 3 rockets shot on Israel from Lebanon and how soon Israel will be blamed, and already the first brainwashed comes with accusations.

    I felt the shockwave from the missiles that hit. The ones shot from Lebanon. And you're telling me that Israel is faking it. PFFT.

    And hezbollah was "supposedly" holding hostage? Dumdum, the hostages were returned in a famous world-wide-covered trade. Unfortunately in dead body form. You're really clueless, aren't you?

    Edit: I've seen that picture too. It's complete nonesence. Do you think that's the consequences of the rockets Hamas shoots? Some dark spot on the road? Here's an example of a hit in Ashkelon, an Israeli city north of Gaza:

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    They showed footage just 20 minutes ago on our TV news of the damage done in Israel by rockets (almost certainly fired by Hezbollah) from southern Lebanon. This film was shot by Sky TV. The film also showed the rocket shooting up in the air on its way over the border. These rockets explode on impact, sending ball bearings out at high velocity. They do as much damage as bullets and would kill or severely injure anyone in their path within a radius of 30 metres.

    So ... did the Israelis stage this for the gullible foreign media? I think not. However, I suppose from your tone that you are one of those who is prepared to believe that either the Holocaust never happened, or the Jews brought it on themselves.

    Some people will always believe whatever they want to believe. And your nickname says it all, really.

    Israel is prepared to leave their neighbours alone if the Arabs don't attack them first. If they are attacked, though, they will respond with force. So would most governments, and I hope yours would too if your country was attacked and your family was put in danger.

    Edit: The footage is on Sky TV in Australia. If you're not in Australia, I'm sure our Sky doesn't have the monopoly and other stations worldwide will be showing it too. (Sky and Fox are both Murdoch-owned so if you're American, check Fox.) The link to the story (and this is breaking news, so keep looking) is

    Nope, you're dumb because you don't want to know the truth, you'd rather stick with your racist prejudices. Go right ahead, but that attitude will never help you in life or make you happy.

    Source(s): The footage is all over the TV news bulletins on at least 3 stations now, so I'd keep your telly switched off if I were you.
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  • xallow
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    Israel will use this to invade a territory then up to a point wherein the international community only wants the aggression to stop even if the condition is to loose the Palestinian land they already step foot into. They know how to play the good NAZI.

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    All they want is to live in peace in their own country - it's all they've ever wanted. They've been very patient with all the Muslim attacks over the years (starting within hours of the United Nations vote to bring Israel into existence) but when they are forced to respond, they do.

    And the Israelis are civilised and intelligent, they are better armed than the Muslim rabbles, and they have American backing. So if the Muslim fanatics don't want their people (for whom they have demonstrated little or no regard) to get crushed, they had better just stop the rockets (which are extremely well documented - more so than the faked pictures and footage of cute little "dead" Palestinian children)!

  • Anonymous
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    Wait, didn't Lebanon send rockets to Israel like an hour ago?

    Oh, I get you, you're a conspiracy nut, ok, I got ya.

    Haha, your name is dumdum and you think that the only reason Pearl Harbor happened is because "somebody" admitted that it did, oh my God, you poor, poor dumdum.

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    Israel does not have to lie about the rockets. You can go to Israel and see for yourself. It's amazing how dumb some questions can be.

    JR is back-

    sorry to burst your bubble, but Pakistan is not known for it's strong military.

  • 1 decade ago

    Ah, you chose "dumdum" as your nickname! How appropriate!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    yeah, it's kind of like when the US accused the Japanese of bombing Pearl Harbor

    Edit: right dumdum, that's my point

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