What caliber of bullets do the AK-47 and AR-15 shoot?

What caliber of bullets do the AK-47 and the AR-15 assault rifles shoot?

Also, are the bullets difficult to find?

Are the bullets expensive to buy?

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    ak's and there variants use 7.62x39 primarily. There are some variants that do use .223 and 5.45X39. AR15's use 5.56x45/.223. AR's chambered in 5.56 can use .223 as well but it it is chambered in .223 it using 5.56 in it could be bad.

    Ammo used to be easy to find but not anymore. You can still get it you just need to look harder. 7.62X39 is usually around $30 for 100 rounds and 5.56X45/.223 is around $50 for 100 rounds.

    Ammo is still cheap and it is easy to buy online. That is if they have it in stock. Ammunitiontogo.com, my source only has golden bear and yugo surplus left for 7.62x39. They used to have 8-10 different makes but... They used to have a much larger selection but everyone's been gobbling up ammo since the election and squirreling it away. I have too. Finding the rifles for a non-insane price also seems to be a chore.

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    Ak 47 Bullets

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    Ar 15 Calibers

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    The AK-47 is chambered, primarily in 7.62X39. The AR-15 is mostly chambered in 5.56X45.

    There is a difference between 223 and 5.56.

    If we are talking about .223 Remington SAAMI-spec chambers in an AR15, OH NO!

    Do NOT use such a chambering if you EVER plan on shooting any military NATO 5.56 ammo, which happens to be only the most common, least expensive and most widely used AR15 cartridge available in all the world. In other words, NEVER buy/use a SAAMI-spec chamber in a battle rifle, especially if the barrel and chamber are chromed, as you cannot fix it!

    Here's the problem. Many NATO cartridges have bullets that will become jammed into the rifling of a SAAMI chambering (the throat is too short). This is VERY DANGEROUS, for a grat number of reasons.

    Fulton Armory uses a "5.56 Match" chambering in its rifles/uppers/barrels, which is a slightly modified SAAMI chamber with a tad longer throat to accommodate NATO bullets. The Fulton Armory 5.56 Match chamber allows for the safe and reliable use of all SAAMI and NATO ammo, while offering the accuracy potential of the SAAMI chamberings with match commercial cartridges. Remember, there's often a large difference between bolt guns and military rifles. This particularly true for the 5.56 vs .223; Fulton Armory is well known for the finest performance for any given platform.

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    Wow that first guy was way off. ak 47 is 7.62 x 39 mm .312 dia

    ar 15 shoots .223

    5.56 nato is made for the military version of the ar 15 or the m 16 and has a different projectile designed for that riflle

    .308 nato and .308 wichester (different) will ALWAYS be more expensive than .223 due to the huge caliber difference and powder charge!

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    The AR-15 shoot 5.56 x 45mm / .223 Rem ammunition. The AK-47 shoots 7.62 x 39 mm ammunition.

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    AK 47 shoots 7.62x39 not .308 ammo, AR15 shoots .223

    Here is more on the AK 47 as its changed what ammo it used over time to what it uses today;


    They are easy to find and are sold in most all sporting stores. Military surplus ammo can be found for both rounds fairly cheap

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    ak-47 fires 7.62 x 39mm , ak-74 fires 5.45 x 39mm

    ar 15 fires 5.56mm or .223 usually, but you can get some other offerings for this rifle as well, ie...6.8mm, .308 win., 7.62 x 39mm...

    .223 rounds are getting harder to find, but they are still around for now....as for 7.62 x 39, you can pick up a 500 round brick for around $200.00 for now

    Get em while you still can my friend, because Osama will be in office soon and that will sound the death toll for cheap ammo and guns

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