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Who was a better NBA player, Lawrence Moten or Chris Dudley.?

I've had this argument before and my vote goes to Robo-Duds..

Your thoughts, Moten or Dudley in the NBA (not college) and why?

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    Dudley for sure.

    A simple reason is that Moten failed to earn a regular spot in an expansion franchise in Grizzlies (not to mention hsi short stint in Wizards) - and how can you prolong your NBA career? Once again they are tons of scorers who look great in NCAA Division I and they end up playing overseas, or even disappear after several years because they have no idea to be a successful role player at least - do you guys still remember a shooter called Tony Dumas who was a 1st round pick in 1994? Just the same case to Moten.

    Some may argue big men enjoy certain edges to join NBA, but we have seen so many reserve big men in champion teams who called their NBA career a day after their respective teams fell into rebuilding mode (e.g. those Bulls big men named Blount, Simpkins or so) - at least Dudley proved himself to be a legitimate defender in the middle. His free-throw shooting is terrible but his 4-year, $28 million contract offered by Knicks is more stunning in my opinion.

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    Chris Dudley

    Moten didn't do anything at all in the NBA. Chris was on a New York team that made the finals, Moten played three sub-par seasons for the then-Vancouver Grizzlies. Chris Dudley was a horrible freethrow shooter, but at least he hustled and was a good rebounder and defender. His hustle and defense is what kept him in the NBA.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Dudley of course. Never heard of Moten.

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