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how does this business work? does the business of being an insurance agent work?

2.where is the best college to go for being an insurance agent? long do i need to go to college to be an insurance agent?

thank you all your help is needed!

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    You do not need to go to college to become an insurance agent. There are several universities that have a four year insurance concentrated program.

    To sell insurance you have to have a license. You will need a life and health license to sell life insurance or benefits. To sell auto, home and commercial you will need to have a property and casualty license. Visit your state's department of insurance website for licensing requirements. Some states require you to take a test and that is it. Other states require a certain number of class hours before you can take the test. I think in CA and NY it is a 5 day class before you can take your license. Once you have your license some states require you to take a certain number of continuing education hours before renewing.

    Once you have your license you should try to find a company that has a good training program. It is not a simple as having a license and selling. If you try selling without knowing the business your clients will be able to see through you. If you are interested in getting into the industry I would try to find a job in your area at an agency or insurance company to learn about the business and make sure you like what you might be getting into. The insurance industry can offer you a long and potentially lucrative career. There are also many facets of the business so you will be able to find a part of it that will suit your interests.

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    1 all you have to do is take a state test and your an insurance agent.

    Its pretty east to get into its just hard to stay in. can you imgaine working 100% commission for the rest of your life, if you do get your property and casulty license aswell.

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