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wii games.....and wii fit info?

uhm good family wii games and good wii games for 12-13 year old girls...also what does the wii fit do, explain if you have it please...i think i want it!

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    ok here are games i like:

    1. Animal Crossing City Folk - Very Fun Game!!

    2. Carnival Games - You can play 2 or more players, addicting.

    3. Boogie Sing-star - If you like singing...

    About Wii Fit:

    It gets boring after while but you could exercise by doing yoga, aerobics, and all kinds of stuff. It's a fun game, it makes you healthy. You can make goals for weight loss too.

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    I don't know too many good games for the Wii. I can tell you that Wii Fit does work. I have been at it for more than a week and lost 3 pounds already.

    I see a lot of posts of people saying it doesn't help you lose weight but if you keep a regular schedule of working out on it you will see results.

    If it wasn't for the Wii Fit I would be trading my Wii for a 360.Not entirely happy with the system.Can't find any games I really like other than GH World Tour and Fit.

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    Wii play (a bit boring, but easy, so everyone will catch on)

    Mario Party

    Wii Sports (Bowling, tennis n stuff)

    Rock band (if the family is older)

    Boogie (more aimed towards girls aged 6-11, it's like a singing game with a mic)

    Super smash bros Brawl


    Cooking Mama Cook Off

    DDR Hottest Party Bundle

    And ermm.. Wii fit is ok. It just has a bunch of little games on it, but it's not meant for a total workout or fun.

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    Good games:

    Mario Kart

    Guitar Hero World Tour

    Super Smash Bros. Melee

    Wii Fit: The wii fit is fun for the hole family. 12 and 13 will like it and it helps you looose wieght. I would get wii fit first.and then Guitar Hero world tour. I have all of these games so i know if the game is good or not. hope you pick me. Hope you enjoy what ever game you get.

    Source(s): i have all the games.
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    Mario Party 8...

    And Wii fit isn't that much fun...

  • d
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    mario party 8 is good for those little girls

    wii fit is kind of an exercise routine and has a bunch of minigames that make you sweat a little

    not really anything that will help you get a six pack, but helps you exercise when you can't go outside

  • Judith
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    4 years ago

    Yes, it's an extension off of the wii console. =D

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    -Animal Crossing

    -Mario Party

    -My Sims

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