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who is mexico's or india's greatest leader?

someone who did something good for there country, someone who helped there people.

it would be really helpful if i had a mexico's greatest leader

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    Mexico-Benito Juárez (President)

    He became a member of Oaxaca Town Council in 1831, and a local congressional representative in 1833. For some time, he worked as a lawyer, defending indigenous communities. As governor of his home state (1847), Juárez wanted a balanced economy and carried out numerous public works: roads, the reconstruction of the Government Palace, the foundation of high schools; he also commissioned a geographic chart and a map of the city of Oaxaca; he reorganized the National Guard and left the Treasury with a surplus.

    Because of his objections to the corrupt military dictatorship of Antonio López de Santa Ana, he was sent into exile in New Orleans, Louisiana, working in a cigar factory. In 1854, Juárez helped draft the Plan of Ayutla as the basis for a liberal revolution in Mexico. This document urged that Santa Ana no longer be recognized as president.

    After Santa Ana fell from power, Juan Alvarez became president and appointed Juárez as Minister of Justice and Public Education (1855). In this position, Juárez issued the Law on the Administration of Justice and the Organic Law on the Tribunals of the Nation, of Districts and of Territories (the Juárez Law), which abolished the so-called fueros or privileges enjoyed by the military and the clergy.

    Juárez was then named Governor of Oaxaca; he called elections, and was subsequently reelected. He proclaimed the Constitution of 1857 in his state. He was named Minister of the Interior in 1857, and was later elected President of the Supreme Court of Justice during the government of President Ignacio Comonfort. The measures implemented by Comonfort led to the Reform War. Juárez assumed the presidency by legal disposition in Guanajuato Jan. 11, 1858. One year after, and with the support of the liberals, he issued the Reform Laws which declared the independence of the State from the Church; the law on civil marriages and registration; the law on cemeteries, and the transferal of Church property to the Nation.

    The Reform War ended with the triumph of the liberals, and Juárez was constitutionally elected to continue as President in June,1861. As a result of the French Intervention, in May 1863, he was obliged to leave Mexico City, and continued to govern from different places in Mexico.

    Congress granted him an emergency extension of his presidency; he returned to the capital city July 15, 1867, after Maximilian had been tried and executed.

    Due to his protection of human liberties which served as an example for other Latin American countries Juárez was proclaimed Outstanding Patriot of the Americas.

    India- Krishna Kumar Birla (Prime Minister)

    Birla's contribution to the development of our country is immense. His was a multifaceted personality,' the prime minister said in a statement.

    He ranks among the greatest industrial leaders that India has produced. His efforts for the promotion of technical education and Hindi literature in the country received wide acclaim. He set up the K.K. Birla Foundation for the promotion of Hindi literature.'

    The prime minister said the passing away of the industrialist was a great loss to our country and that he had left behind a void that would be difficult to fill. 'Everything he did was touched with compassion and understanding.

    Releasing the autobiography of the noted industrialist last year, Manmohan Singh had recalled how Birla was at ease with change and had supported economic reforms of the early 1990s that dispensed with the regime of licences and quotas.

    There were many business leaders who were worried, who were apprehensive, who were nervous about the changes,' recollected Manmohan Singh, who as India's finance minister then was the architect of the reforms programme.

    But Birla understood the importance and the relevance of what we were doing and I valued his support then as I value it now,' the prime minister recalled, while releasing Birla's autobiography - 'Brushes with History'.

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