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i had sex with a guy i met and he was my first. il never forget him tho i tried. i stopped talking to him when he went to the marines bc we got into a huge fight..he tried contacting me a few times but i ignored him, he then txted me a new numb and i txted him and hes like oh its travis so i started talking to him. i mean he mustve liked me alot to keep my numb after i ignored him?

so what im asking is should i try to pursuit a relationship or stop talking to him. hes coming hom in a few days again he always asks me to hangout when he comes home but i never do bc idk if i should start anything with him. he txts whenever i txt him, and he wants me to come see him for a weekend in february. i know hes going to be deployed soon, what should i do ] :

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    well relationship dont work out in Marines for the reason the hes probably gonna be home 2 weeks before he deploys hes gonna try to party and do as much he can before he deploys and you will not see him for at least 7 to 15 months then he come back homefor 2 weeks after deployment and after that you will no see him anymore for at least a year depending where hes stationed for the reason hes contract is 4 years so that most likely the time that he remains on that base.

    Source(s): former Marine with 2 deployments now in Miami :p
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    can't hurt to go out and chill for a few

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    i think you should agree to hang out with him as friends first to see if things have changed which i bet they have! then see if wut you want

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