Husbands high white blood cell count ?

we went to the er my 35 yr old husband had flu like symptoms, they said he had bacteria in his urine. a couple weeks later we go to his dr bc he has a high fever and pain in his back by his kidney, coughing and just tired. she got a urine sample, blood and stool sample. we got a call back tonight saying his white blood cell count is really high, we have to wait til friday to find out why. anyone please help, what could be wrong????does that always mean a disaster?

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    His white blood cell count will be elevated if he still has an infection of some description. He'll probably need an extended course of antibiotics, but only your Dr can say for sure.

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    It is not that having a high white blood cell count would have any side effects itself, but that a high white blood cell count can be a symptom of a number of different illnesses or caused by a number of different medications all of which can have other side effects. As the site provided below states: "A high blood count (above 30000 cells per micro-liter) indicates is not a specific disease by itself but indicates infection, systemic illness, inflammation, allergy, leukemia and tissue injury caused due to burns. The count of white blood cells also increases when certain medicines like antibiotics or anti-seizure drugs. Smoking and too much of mental stress also increases the count of the white blood cells in the body. Also, once the count of white blood cell is on the higher side, the risk of cardiovascular mortality also increases. It turns into a vicious circle."

  • 1 decade ago does not always mean disaster. Just stay calm and don't borrow trouble. About 10 or more years ago my doctor, upon checking my wbc count, said that it was consistantly high and he wanted to do a test for leukemia. I would have to go into the hospital for the test. I did not take that test and I am just fine now, so who knows what it was. It couldn't have been anything too bad cause I am still here. I'm not saying that it isn't could be, but it could also be something minor. Worrying yourself sick will not help anything.

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    High WBC just means there is an infection somewhere and is a poor indicator for cancer. The next few weeks will be trying as you wait for more test results but do not think the worst.

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    he probly has a dises nothing to worry about trust me

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