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Does McDonald's fry their french fries and their chicken nuggets in the same fryer?

We were wondering what oil they use and if their frys and chicken products were fried in the same baskets or oil.


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    i dont think so cuz when i go i look in the back and there different

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    Chicken Nuggets And French Fries

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    Chicken Nuggets And Fries

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    My brother constantly chefs all varieties of issues in his deep fryer.. including the combination of ingredients your in touch approximately and he has never gotten ill, or something from it. The oil does kill off any micro organism, i'm specific. i does not prepare dinner uncooked bloody fowl in there on a similar time as different ingredients although because of the fact it does take longer to prepare dinner then french fries, yet fowl nuggets, etc are fantastic. I particularly have observed that the oil does finally end up wanting to get replaced greater many times once you prepare dinner specific ingredients in it although, yet different then that it particularly is fantastic to prepare dinner the two at as quickly as. My brother even chefs hotdogs, 1st baron beaverbrook, and sausages in it mutually as he's cooking french fries ^_^. it particularly is plenty swifter i assume.

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    no thy dont, the frie fryer is much bigger able to take 6 frie baskets at once the nugget fryer can only take 2 slim and 2 big, in the frie fryer we cook the apple pies in the same fryer, the other one we cook the nuggets the crispy fillets the filet fillets.

    the oil gets changed weekly and we always top up the oil with fresh oil.

    but some times we do use the same big baskets when its busy but we always try not to

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    No they do not. Maybe some stores do but most I've seen do not. They have completely separate vats in different areas of the store. And they change their fry oil regularly.. not once a month. Im not sure what mcdonalds you guys are going to but doesnt sound good!

  • Amory
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    They use the same fryer of oil for everything but the fish. Haven't you ever gotten a mystery chunk of breading in with your fries? Thats why.

    Source(s): My boyfriend works for a company that maintains the McDonalds and Taco Bell computer systems. So, he sees what goes on behind the desks.
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    I've had a lot of fries with fish taste to them. I suspect some shortcuts are taken from time to time. I don't eat much fast food so I am not sure where I experienced this.

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    I used to work there and it's against the law but the McDonald's I work at did do that. I was working the register. I don't know what kind of oil they use. It's sickening. I only worked there for some extra money.

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    No i think they have two big ones, one for fries, the other for fried foods.

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    IDK about MCDees, but when I was working in Wendy's 'bout 3 years ago, we used the same fryers, they were pretty much interchangeable. I'm sure McDonalds does the same.

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