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why are maui hi cigarettes illegal in the state of Maryland?

i mean i love them and smoke then all the time. but i live in Maryland. and my friend told me they are illegal in Maryland. why?


yea...but i found out they are illegal. just dont know why

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    They're not illegal outright, it just has to do with how they are purchased.

    It has to do with taxes on all tobacco products from outside Maryland, not just Hawaii. The state raised in taxes to $2 per pack which made them expensive, so residents starting getting tobacco from out of state. So they passed a new law: It is illegal for Maryland residents to be in possession of more than two packs of cigarettes lacking stamps showing that taxes were paid in the state.

    Now, cops aren't necessarily going to enforce this on regular people on the street because that gets kind of impractical. But it does prevent stores from selling them and also targets illegal importers.

    EDIT: You can bring some packs home with you from Maui, because I seriously doubt anybody is going enforce this on you as a simple consumer. It just prevents the stores in Maryland from getting them without marking the price up.

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    I don't understand why they would be illegal either. Hawaii is a US state, so it can't be due to taxes, tariffs or duty fees not being paid. If it is a legal tobacco cigarette, it really doesn't matter where it was made at.

    Unless there is something odd about those cigarettes that Maryland has a specific ruling on, then most likely, your friend is just misinformed.

    Additional : To the poster below .Whoa. I am the one that was misinformed. I didn't know that MD had done that. I still don't see where keelee would get in trouble if she came back from a vacation with a carton of cigarettes from Hawaii. A case or two- yea, but I don't think a carton should get her in trouble.

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