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have u ever seen a ghost before?

is it scary

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  • Bunge
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    1 decade ago
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    What we call ghosts reside in the 4th dimension, which is the spirit world and we can't see into that world unless there is a portal or the veil between worlds is thin..

    All dimensions have a different vibration, we are surrounded by dimensions we cannot see, but sometimes we do get a glimpse into their world and sometimes they get a glimpse into our world; also remember our dimension is the only dimension where time is measured...

    I recently read about a ghost scream which was recorded in England; a team of paranormal researchers were conducting an investigation into a haunting and 3 or 4 women were together in a room when they were taken by surprise by the appearance of a ghost, so they screamed...

    The Ghost also must have been taken by surprise as it also screamed, which was recorded on their equipment..

    They had the recording analysed and the result was that the scream was not of human origin; so you see we can spook the spooks just like they spook us...

    About 1 km up the road from me is an old manse called St Cecilia, this is in Peterborough, Sth Aust...

    This old manse hosts 5 ghosts, and the most prominent is the ghost of one of the old Bishops who lived there in the 1870's..

    A friend of mine is a psychic medium and he has been on a couple of documentaries which concern haunted places in Australia, and he has been filmed there several times...

    I walk past St Cecilia's 4 times a week, mostly at around the 9ish PM mark, but sometimes much later on my fitness walk..

    I have personally seen the Bishop 3 times, up on the porch on the far left hand side of the the building...

    Every time I walk past the manse all the hairs stick up on the back of my neck and I have that feeling of being watched...

    Every-time I have seen the Bishop, he is looking directly at me and it sends a shiver straight up my spine..

    He knows my energy and I know his, I just hope he stays where he is, as I honestly believe that there is something a wee bit sinister about him...

    I will tell you what happened to me when I first moved into my cottage in the country..

    One night I got outta the shower and was drying myself in the lounge room and all of a sudden I was freezing cold; I was as cold as if I were naked and out in a blizzard...

    I found my winter sleeping clothes(trackie daks, thermal T-shirt and a wind-cheater) and my thick woolly Pancho and I was still shivering; the temperature in my lounge room was 26C so I should have been quite comfortable in just a pair of shorts; the entity had changed my body temperature...

    This happened on 3 separate occasions and I contacted a psychic medium mate of mine and we sent him to the light..

    He was an adolescent child who was just having a bit of fun, but that fun could have killed me as it is not healthy to be all rugged up in winter clothing etc when it is in fact really quite warm inside the house....

    I still have one entity, and he causes me no dramas at all...

    In Light... )O(

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  • 1 decade ago

    In theory, it depends on what kind of ghost you would encounter. A spirit of a person who was evil in life is often frightening in death. A few friends of mine, for example, claim to have seen someone dumping trash bags into a river during a late night drive. They stopped at the bridge crossing this river and noticed what appeared to be blood on the ground. The wind picked up for a few seconds and the man vanished. They found rope burns around the neck of a girl in the back seat. I'd classify that as scary.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Maybe. Last Christmas, my uncles friend took a picture of me and there was an outline of an angel behind me. I'm not religions either so I wasn't jumping to conclusions. We took the same picture with the same light and the same position and it was gone. Plus my dad has had numerous encounters with ghosts, some he can't even tell me till I'm older apparently. We also have video footage of two doors blasting open in a restaurant hallway. No wind, they just blew open. And at that restaurant, there was a ghost that sat in booths next to my parents customers. If there real, it's because einstein worked on the atomic bomb in the basement there a long time ago (well, we have proof of that btw). I am not being funny or joking, but thats what I know.

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  • 4 years ago

    no longer ghost such as you in many cases think of of them yet spirits I even have. while i became approximately 10 I awakened interior the process the evening to locate my granny on the top of the mattress telling me she'd might desire to flow domicile yet became ok & i may well be too. I screamed, completely freaked out using fact I knew granny became interior the medical institution. on an identical time as my father and mom have been comforting me, telling me it became purely a dream the telephone rang. i found out later that decision became from the medical institution. granny had kicked the bucket. I even have by no skill forgotten that. there have been different cases as quickly as I had that eerie feeling however the only time i've got ever actual considered one that I undergo in suggestions.

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  • 1 decade ago

    yes i have and i actually want to be a paranormal investigator... it can be scary but not always its a great feeling and i love to connect with apparations... watch the show ghost hunters on youtube to learn more about ghosts if your interested

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  • 1 decade ago

    Yes I have. Animals and people ghosts. I haven't seen them as puffs of white smoke like people claim they see them as, instead I see them in the form they died. One time there were three boys. two about 8 and 1 about 12 (when they died). I think they were were brothers, they looked alike. The older one started chasing me and two friends. I was scared then, but not now. I think then I just didn't know how to feel. Looking back at it now, I don't see why I was so scared. They didn't try to hurt us and the two that were younger seemed really happy, they were skipping and singing. Looking back on it, I don't think he was chasing us to be mean or scare us, I think he was helping us. One of the people with me has no esp or psychic abilities, nor can see ghosts or interact with them. Soon after our run-in with the ghosts, she turned on me and wasn't my friend anymore. I think the ghost was trying to help me, and he needed to before he and the other two could cross-over. In case they haven't, we are doing research to find out how they died, so that we can help them cross-over. Also when one of our cats died, I used to see him, feel him walking on my bed at night, hear and feel him purring. He used to cuddle up to me at night, but I think he found the light, I haven't seen him for years. These are only 2 of the experiences I have had in my 14 years in this life; hope it helps.

    Source(s): My life experiences.
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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    To save time i'm going to copy and paste another of my answers into here...

    I'm a medium so yep see them all the time, speak to them all the time and have one in particular that i got quite close to. i now consider her a friend of mine.

    having issues with one at the moment who wont stop touching my backside, turned around to have a go at my husband for rubbing my but when i was bending over looking in a drawer and there was no one there, my husband was in the backyard at the time lol driving me nuts but haven't had time to get my ouija board out yet and so far they wont let me know who they are.

    we are also having problems with things being moved, i search for an hour and then it is sitting smack bang in the middle of the kitchen bench *rolls eyes* but i don't think that is a spirit but after taking a bit more notice it is probably something from The Fae. still driving me crazy.

    My 4 year old sees them also, he has sometimes can running into the house at full pelt yelling about the man and dog in the shed. they are there all the time and now he is used to them they don't worry him anymore.

    My mother in law (died March 30 2008) is also around to see her grandchildren every now and then as well. the lounge lamp turned on the night and exact time her car crashed (found that out later) and then turned on at that time for the next month, then went to every second night and now the lamp has been unplugged (not for that reason) but she still opens and closes doors and keeps and eye on my boys when they are asleep for me.

    I have hundreds of stories about ghosts

    Source(s): Medium and psychic
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  • Sara
    Lv 6
    1 decade ago

    I havent seen one YET, but I know people who have. It depends on what you define as scary. A white floaty thingy? I dont know about that

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    not at all!

    i have esp i can talk to ghosts but it's very intresting!

    they think there in the time that they died! and there on the earth trying to resolve what's keeping them from moving on.

    they pretty much just "relive" the same days over and over until they do what they need to to move on!

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    i though i did once, i wouldnt say scared, but it made me uneasy...

    I was in my grandmothers attic after she died getting some of her old pictures etc. and i saw something move like eye level to my left, and when i turned it was gone, but it was over the box that had all of her wedding pictures in it. which was so meaningful because I am getting married, and before she died she gave me her wedding dress to incorporate somehow into mine. so it ended up being worth it.

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