taxes.. im so confused this year?

ive always done my own taxes this year im confused.. we received gift cards at work that i am suppose to claim and i dont know where to put it if i just add them to my total income.. 2nd.. my daughter worked this year does she have to file since im claiming her or can i claim her money also?? HELP HELP

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    Your daughter should file a tax return and file as "exempt" because she meets the "exempt" requirements of being able to be claimed as a dependent (to you) and a full time student. She would get a tax refund.

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    If the gift cards are to be considered income from your employer, then they will be included on the W-2 that you receive from them.

    Yes, your daughter must file a return if she had income. You get to claim her as a dependent, but her income is hers alone. If she had any taxes withheld, she will probably get them back when she files her return. Make sure she indicates on her form that she is being claimed as a dependent by someone else.

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