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phantom of the opera, phantom or raoul?

i was watching it earlier (again) and i just wondered.

ladies, who would you go with, the phantom, or raoul? (or guys, who do you think women would go for)

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    My heart would say the Phantom, but reason says that he has waaayyy too many issues, probably too many for anyone to help, permanently. (you can tell I've thought about this, huh?), So, for a happy peaceful life, Raoul.

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    Okay I know this was 6 years ago but I would definitely of chose the phantom! Raoul was just some pretty boy who saw her as Little Lotte as a childhood sweetheart... But Erik ( aka the phantom) was much more passionate, he gave her music, he taught her so much about music and gave her a voice that soured through Paris! He may have issues but he only did it out of love, not because he wanted to do it for fun.... He also gave out this very dark, mysterious side but he was also kind to heart too! For me I woulda personally chose the phantom!

    ( btw I mean just saying this now but I mean why should you choose Raoul I mean if you were childhood sweethearts when you were little then you should recognized her... But he only remembered her when she was singing... Like I said my opinion)

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    1 he is the new patron. 2 He sits in box 5 because Fermin and the other owner guy choose to ignore the phantom. 3 because he's stupid. =] lol 4 the phantom gives the ring back to her after that song. Yes it is the ring Raoul originally gave Christine, but I guess the phantom couldn't afford one himself. =] 5. He is a pansy. =] lol jk He realizes the phantom is there on stage with Christine and he sees the way she is attracted to him. Also, I think he feared for her safety and he knew he couldn't help her while she was on stage with the Phantom.

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    I would say Phantom because I am a sucker for a man with a great singing voice, not to mention Raoul comes off as a complete creepy sissy in the original novel (He doesn't even save Christine. He passes out in the chamber and yet Christine still goes with him? I'm not buying it Gaston.)

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    The phantom! How can anyone not love a guy in a white mask, who lives in an underground lair, has a gorgeous singing voice and plays the organ? And he lives in Paris opera house extra bonus.

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    i would go for Raoul =]

    the love from the Phantom is very stalker-like and kinda creepy... plus he's a murderer, and very controlling....

    plus Raoul is sooo cute in the movie! =D

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    Better than his predecessor and his subsequent successors.

    Courageous French King honey, hmm Raoul, no doubt.

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    raoul! the phantom is too controlling

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    Andrew Lloyd Webber

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    raoul he is so hot!!!

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