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Elvis Presley vs. Frank Sinatra?

1. Best voice (It would be better give some reasons., but there is no need to do it).

2. Best live performer.

3. Most influential.

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    1. Personally I think Frank Sinatra had a better voice in that you can understand every word for starters and he just exudes coolness. Elvis did have a great voice but I think initially it was only deemed special because he was a white guy who sounded black.

    2. Elvis gave the more energetic performances but I think towards the end of his career it became quite painful to watch as he was just an overweight shadow of his former self. Frank maintained class in his live performances.

    3. Probably Elvis as he did break boundaries in terms of what was acceptable viewing with rock stars. Though Frank has clearly influenced Michael Buble, Harry Connick Jr, Jamie Cullum etc.

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    6 years ago

    As a 24 year old who has to suffer through this generation of music i must say that i didn't grow up as a Sinatra Fan or a Presley fan but when i look at both Sinatra by FAR is better than Elvis. Granted Elvis was able to sing many genres but that doesn't make you great. What makes a singer great is how he writes music and how he's able to sing it. For example yes rap artist sell the most but they can't write music and they don't have the voice to back it up it's all about a beat. Elvis has only had a handful of songs that where great. Frank on the other hand has WAY more songs that are known and that are great. I don't even think Elvis belongs in the same world that Frank does because Frank had it all. Elvis on the other hand didn't. Also there is a lot of based op pinons going around with Rolling Stones and other rock websites. I mean to put Carey and MJ ahead of of Frank is flat out ridiculous. Frank VS Elvis sorry but Frank was WAY better than Elvis hands down.

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    Frank Sinatra, because of the fact i admire vast band song. in case you like him too you ought to check out Michael Buble. He does a great form of covers of Frank Sinatra's songs, and he does a good pastime.

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    Yes Elvis for all 3 points.

    But Frank Sinatra is also not that bad.

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    I think they are both good, but Elvis is better cause of his style, personality, and talent

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    Frank Sinatra all the way!

    Elvis Presley all ways sounds like he is stuttering to me.

    He also never looked like he was sick when he was performing like. Like he was about to faint or something, because he was sweating so bad.

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    Dude,there is a music category to ask music questions in.

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    HAHAHA! what a funny battle

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    never wore rhinestones or a cape - 'nuff said

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