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Are men naturally more artistically creative than women?

Are men naturally more artistically creative than women?

People are always saying how women are more in touch with their emotions, express emotions better, etc.

But, I can't think of a more humanly ingenius form of emotional expression, than the arts.

And, virtually all artforms today and throughout history are & have been dominated by men.

Painters/Sculpters - Impressionists like Van Gogh and Monet. Renaissance painters like Da Vinci and Michaelangelo. Modern pop artists like Andy Warhol & Keith Haring. And even today, in a post-feminist world where women now have more opportunities than men -- men still dominate painting, with artists like Shepard Fairey, graffiti artists like Saber, Banksy, Retna, Mear, Cope2, etc.

Architecture - Take a look at this site, of the greatest 20th-century architects & building designers.

ALL MEN. And the top architects today are all men. Don't say "women don't have opportunities" because a woman is more likely to go to college than a man. So, even with the advantage & privilege society gives women, men still dominate.

Acting/Theater - The top-10 paid actors in the world: Will Smith, Johnny Depp, Eddie Murphy, Mike Myers, Leonardo Dicaprio, Bruce Willis, Adam Sandler, Nicolas Cage, Ben Stiller, Will Ferrell. As you can see, no women made the list. The top producers, directors, and writers are also men. The creative geniuses behind the vast majority of movies, TV shows, and theatrical plays you see are men.

Fashion - Yes, even fashion. Although this industry caters mainly to women, the brains and top designers behind most of these lines are men. Firstly, most women's clothing was originally invented by men (and at one time, originally worn by men). My girlfriend has her own fashion blog, where she talks about all the latest fashions. And I notice that at least half of all the women's fashions she features about on her blog are clothing items designed by men. The list of top fashion designers are as follows: Yves St. Laurent, Marc Jacobs, Tommy Hilfiger, Perry Ellis, Calvin Klein, Russell Simmons, Marc Ecko, Jimmy Choo, Louis Vuitton, Giorgio Armani, Gianni Versace, Sean Combs, Hugo Boss, Domenico Dolce & Stefano Gabbana, Salvatorre Ferragamo, Guccio Gucci, Dov Charney

Music - Virtually all music genres are dominated by men. Everyone from classical masters of Beethoven, Bach, & Mozart, to rock bands like Aerosmith, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, & Metallica, to Hip Hop artists like Jay-Z, Ludacris, LL Cool J, Run-DMC, 2Pac, & KRS-One, to Soul/R&B greats of Marvin Gaye, Al Green, Stevie Wonder, The Temptations, Smokey Robinson, etc... other genres dominated by men: Jazz, Blues, Country, Techno, Heavy Metal, Reggae, Funk, Disco, Salsa, Reggaeton. The best-selling album of all time is "Thriller" by Michael Jackson. And besides the artists & lead singers being dominated by men, most of the backup musicians that play instruments are male.

And I can venture in to other artforms, like magicians, circus performers, dance, etc. -- all where men dominate.

And I know one of the feminist responses will be "yeah but women didn't have access to the schooling/instruction that men had to learning the mediums, etc." You do realize that many of these men were self-taught geniuses? Beethoven did not have a teacher or go to any schools. Da Vinci was also self-taught. Rappers do not go to "rap school" either. If we were to assume that women & men are equal when it comes to artistic creativity, then we should've seen just as many self-taught female geniuses as we do male geniuses, without schooling. But we don't.

Are males more artistically creative than women?


scottishguy: Exactly! As I said before, women now have more opportunity and privilege than men... more women are going to school and are encouraged to go to school. Yet, they are still behind men in the "real world" despite all of this. And men actually score higher on SAT's than women, for the record.

Update 2:

Capone: Yes, but eccentricity amongst artists is not exclusive to men. The women that are brilliant in these fields tend to be eccentric as well.

Update 3:

Dracula: LOL@ Paris Hilton. Please tell me you're not serious. She's not an "artist". She's a heiress socialite & bimbo, that got famous for giving a guy a *******. Oprah is also not an artist, she's a talk show host and a business mogul. Half of your list is of people I've never heard of. But, you should read "The Mrs." post. She said that feminists would begin to list artists -- but for every female artist you list, I can list 10 or more. And all 10 males will be greater artists than the one female artist you listed. So what's your point?

Update 4:

Oh yeah the top comedians are male too. Forgot about that one. Men are funnier than women.

Update 5:

Dracula: Rap is an art. It takes skill and is a form of expression. You just never really tried listening & understanding it.

Update 6:

Kate: Tommy Hilfiger, Puff Daddy and Dov Cheney have multi-million dollar companies. I consider them serious fashion moguls. Donatella's relationship with Gianni is why she became known. She used his name (literally) to get to where she is. And, Yves St. Laurent has been far more influential than Coco Chanel. You said "Gianni is dead", but what difference does it make? So is Coco Chanel. NEXT.

Update 7:

Dracula: Oprah is more known for her businesses and show than her acting. Yes, she did do some acting bits, but, if you were to just focus on that -- she is not considered one of the "top" actors in Hollywood. She hasn't done enough to be considered that.

As far as Paris Hilton -- I didn't know being in reality TV made you an "artist". She's mainly famous for being a heiress & socialite; her "artist" ventures like that failed pop-album are considered side-ventures.

Update 8:


I never once said anyone "invented" fashion. Find where I supposedly said this. I said most of the most notable fashion designers have been men. Are you assuming I know nothing about fashion because I'm a male? How sexist of you. And, Jimmy Choo is a male.

Update 9:


Update 10:

Spuddy: Whoever once said there weren't other designers on the Jimmy Choo's line? I only mentioned Jimmy Choo because he was the originator and he is a fashion designer. You then brought up a woman designer on the line as if that somehow contradicts whether or not Jimmy Choo is a designer. It doesn't. According to my sources, Jimmy Choo still designs. Whether it's for his original line or not is irrelevant. The fact is, he's a fashion designer. You still didn't show where I claimed anyone "invented" fashion. And, why would you assume I know nothing of it? Must be because I'm a male. My girlfriend is majoring in fashion merchandising, so I've gained quite a bit of knowledge from her.

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    Yes men are more artistically creative than women. The feminist post modern way of overcoming this is to push for lower standards in art and then everyone can be an "artist" including women like Tracey Emin with her "Unmade bed" exhibit and other 'creative' works. Maybe feminists think that what we call art is a patriphallic concept anyway.


    White male patriphallic concept! :-)

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    Know this is 2 years old but had to answer because it's so dumb.

    Wanna know why most the famous artists are male? BECAUSE THEY ARE MALE. Women were either not allowed or had their work overlooked, or credit taken by a man. THIS HAPPENS IN ALL FIELDS. NOT just art.Ask anyone on the street who Frida Kahlo was, you can bet they would'nt know, but they sure as hell would know who Van Gogh is. Women were discouraged or were tied down with domestic drudgery. Being anything other than a wife and mother was looked down on.

    And to the others who answered this; @ TheMrs. You must be a crappy teacher if you believe that. I feel VERY sorry for your female students.

    @SessyR. "Men are more likely to be geniuses?" READ THE MENSA DEMOGRAPHICS. They are evenly split. Their ARE women geniuses, they just aren't FAMOUS. Again because they don't have a penis. So no it's not a "fact" Stupid.

    @MrVanhuizen "men are more likely to express their creative skills via mediums such as the internet" Bwhahahaa! Yeah, check the bye Felipe Instagram for the lovely creative insults men send women who gently tell them "No" but again that in of itself is garbage. (see female fanart artists)

    @Jake an "Always feared" Aw yes, the quintessential 'Nice Guy'sTM, who are bitter toward feminists and women for not dating them(and blaming the women rather than their awful personalities.) Bless.

    I don't expect any less from Yahoo answers though, which is crawling with self-hating women with internalized misogyny or no knowledge of their genders accomplishments, pathetic Nice Guy'sTM airing their grievances and people who cannot bother to research and crack open a book.

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    Yes they are more artistic than women.women generally can't appreciate beauty cos they are more practical. Thats why the most famous composers artists cooks fashion designers are all men not are more focal than women for instance men shop for things because it looks good and neat women shop according to their necessities. They are so limited minded unfortunately.they can't just buy things cos it's very attractive and neat they have to process zillions of times in their mind until they get convinced.therefore this habit reflects in their creativity level. Unfortunately they end up not creating anything because of their indecisiveness😝

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    No not at all, uits not about who made things famous, you have to look at ordinary people. Most art courses are taken by women and most people that paint and draw or do anything creative are women. Probably because they've been spurred on.

    All depends where you are, here music and arts are seen as 'girly' things so more women do them but it doesn't mean women are more creative.

    To make something out of a blank page is a magickal thing, I love anything creative.

    But even if if you were able to do a huge accurate test, who cares if men were or women were? You should be pleased with whatever creativity ir talents you have and not compare yourself to others.

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    No. Making a list of famous creative men isn't really valid. It's important to be realistic. Most normal guys out there aren't particularly creative or inventive. Men can't take credit for what some unique men have created in the past. Otherwise, you'd also have to take credit for all the bad things that men have done in history, too.

    Most regular guys simply don't have much in common with famous artists, musicians, inventors, etc. Those are very unique people, in a class of their own.

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    They did a survey a while ago asking both men and women to decide which was the more creative gender. Both groups said their own gender, what they found out though, was that each are creative in different ways. There is also another point, men are more likely to express their creative skills via mediums such as the internet, so it appears that they are more creative.

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    Big ego, head up their a$$ Same reason some women think all men want them and they deserve the best men out there.

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    As a teacher, yes I think so. But I am not sure how natural it all is. I think girls tend to be "people pleasers" where as boys really don't care. Because the boys do not care they are not shutting out these creative parts of their brain or stunting the growth of it so to speak.

    As you mentioned these are all ways to express emotion. Perhaps men and boys have learned that it is not socially acceptable for them to vent to their barber or best friend, so they use these as an acceptable way to express emotion.

    One thing I have noticed about creativity is it is often tied to ADHD (which even as a teacher I find a bit over diagnosed), high IQs-which are far more associated with males (9:1), as well as personality disorders.

    Now, I am unsure if this is natural or a social construct, but you are correct there are far more creative males than females. Many may start listing females, but one could very easily list 10 males for each female.

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    i think you are looking at this one sided my friend, very one sided.

    What about the female authors? is their creative imagination not considered artistic enough? there are many women painters and fashion designers. As far as actors and singers go, women have powerful voices and i would much rather listen to a female with a great voice than a male, and okay yes more men write music than females but then again you forget artists with amazing voices and talent to write music such as christina A and even Madonna who may not be much of a singer but she is an icon among many as is kylie minogue and mariah carey who writes and produces her own album and she CAN sing regardless of what you think of her.

    While i agree that alot of artists and passionate poets have been men in the past when women had no say in the matter, i beleive the times have changed and as Dracula mentioned, Vera wang is a successful designer and has her own fragrance line.

    Oscar nominees? i cannot beleive you had ben stiller among your list of great actors, yes he writes funny scripts but his acting is sub par at best and always the same.

    Take a look at some of the classic icons like Merle oberon who played anne boleyn in the 1930's henry VIII movie, she was amazing, as was the jewish beauty and activist Audrey hepburn, you cant say she wasnt creative! then off course there is the icon of all icons, Miss Marilyn monroe......

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    Women are more creative.

    Women make more believable lies than men.

    Therefore, women are more creative and your lies are telling.

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    Painters- Did you notice how every last person on your list of painters was a male of European descent. Not only is there an under representation of women, but does the under representation of any other race not say anything to you? Because with where you have gone with your assertion that since women are underrepresented when it comes to famous painters, they must be inferior, you are also asserting that all other races must be inferior artists as well due to the fact that they are underrepresented from your list. You have asserted the inferiority of all other races except the white race. Congrats on that. And yes, I did realize you tried to redeem yourself when you added that list of underground graffiti artists, but do you realize that I could pull out just as many underground female artists, as well?

    Fashion - Uh... no one "invented" fashion. Anyway, it's very obvious you know absolutely nothing about fashion, considering that Jimmy Choo is the brand name of a female designer named Tamara Mellon, and most of those male designers are all dead, with their hey days being in the 1940s-1960s. The lead designers of Gucci are two women named Alessandra Facchinetti and Frida Giannin. Other famous female designers include: Miuccia Prada, Vivienne Westwood, Coco Chanel, Luella Bartley, Vera Wang, Alberta Ferretti, and Stella McCartney.

    I've already spent too much time replying to your "question," so I am done, but if you would like me to obliterate all the rest of your assertions, as I did above, I would be more than happy to through email.

    Edit: No, hun, Jimmy Choo does not design the shoes, Tamara Mellon and Sandra Choi do.

    And show me where I asserted that you know nothing about fashion because you're a male. I most certainly didn't. I asserted you know nothing about fashion because you're an imbecil.

    Edit 2: My responses are in the email you sent to me. To others reading this: Jimmy Choo is a real man, but he does not design for the brand name "Jimmy Choo." Two women, Sandra Choi and Tamara Mellon, do.

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