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root canal on front tooth?

i might have to get a root canal on my front tooth. what happens when you get a root canal on your front tooth?

i heard they have to drill down the tooth to a pulp? will i have to get a crown or veneer or something when its done? and how will they match it to the same shade as my other teeth? :S

i also heard that once u have a root canal on your front tooth it turns black? :S

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    As an endodontist (root canal specialist) I've performed many root canals on front teeth that did not have to have a crown. It depends on the condition of your tooth. If you already have large fillings in your tooth then it will probably need a crown. If not, then a small tooth-colored filling can be placed in the back of your tooth to seal the opening made to perform the root canal procedure.

    A root canal procedure is basically the cleaning and filling of the root. There is soft tissue inside your tooth called the dental pulp. When this tissue gets inflamed or infected it must be removed. A small opening will be made in the back of your tooth. Small root canal instruments and disinfecting solutions will be used to clean the inside of your root. The space created by this process will then be filled with a root canal filling material: either gutta-percha or Resilon. If you do need a crown your dentist will try to match the shade of your adjacent teeth.

    Hope this helps.


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    First of all, don't listen to people when they say it hurts really badly to have a root canal done. You will be numb just like having any other dental work done and shouldn't feel a thing! The pain people experience is due to a terrible infection that causes a person not to be able to get numb! If the infection is caught before you are in excruciating pain, you will be able to get numb.

    The dentist makes a small opening in the tooth on the back side/ tongue side. Some occasions, the dentist will be able to place a tooth colored filling in the hole after they fill the canal. Other cases, a crown is needed. When either a filling or crown is done, we use a "shade guide" which shows many different colors that can be used for the filling or crown so it will be matched to your other teeth.

    After a root canal, a tooth can discolor, usually just gets darker. This takes (usually) many years. It does not always happen. If it does happen and there was not a crown on the tooth, sometimes a veneer can be placed or internal bleaching done.

    Everything is on a case by case basis.

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    I had root canal on my front tooth, i only got about two jags to numb me up, then they gave the dreaded jag on the roof of my mouth which hurt a lot, but then again you might get laughing gas or knocked out...

    I'll be honest here- Yes my front tooth went black, it's horrible and I need to have a new veneer (because my teeth are now really white and the black is too noticible)

    My dentist wanted me to get a veneer because of my age...

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    the doctor basically drills ur tooth and takes out the nerve. the shot might hurt a little because there is less gum in the front. later he puts on a temporary tooth (which might not be the exact color of ur teeth). then u come back for a next appointment and get a Porcelain fused to metal tooth (or just a Porcelain tooth). they match ur color by a thing called the shade guide. it has many different colors of teeth and the dentist just matches one with the other color of the teeth. u might get the tooth replaced on the same day depending on how high tech ur dentist is. now a days they have machines that make porcelain teeth in about 20 to 30 minutes.

    don't worry! good luck!

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    Your dentist has to fill the tooth with composite or cavit or some sort of temporary material to protect the canals he just drilled, so that water/food/saliva will not contaminate the canals of your tooth, you will either get a temporary crown placed, or a filling, you should not worry about that, how the tooth looks will be depending on the experience and ability of the dental assistant who makes your temporary crown... good luck!

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    PAHAHAHA. Your teeth wont turn black.

    I had my front teeth done twice.

    The 1st time my tooth was to infected and it wouldn't numb half way through the drilling. So they stopped after about the 6th shot [which dont hurt at all. i promise] and put some medicine in my tooth and put a temporary filling in. 2 weeks later i went back in they gave me laughing gas, and numbed it up, they soon started drilling after about 5 minutes they were down far enough to clean out my nerve. I didn't even know they were cleaning it. I honestly thought they were flossing my teeth.

    But after they take out the nerve they will put a permanent filling in. It's white and pasty but they dry it on.

    It wont even hurt after it's over with.

    You'll be free to go back to school. haha :)

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    EDIT::::::::::: READ THIS

    Oh and the laughing gas only relaxes you.

    I was very nervous on my first visit thats why they gave me the gas [$70]

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    I am not too sure but what i do know is that a root canal is nothing, not much pain to make you go ouch!

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    well i have had two root canals but bot of them were back teeth and i dont mean to scare you but it was very painful becasue they have to remove the nerve but once its over you will be really glad it is

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    Don't worry about the pain, you will get a novacaine shot to numb your mouth and you can also get nitrous if you ask

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