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YANKSMAN asked in SportsBaseball · 1 decade ago

Now that the yankees have Teixera, Burnett, CC Sabathia, and Nick Swisher, where will manny,lowe,and sheets go?

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    Ben Sheets was looking to be the Brewers' main guy last year until he started to have elbow pain in his throwing arm and CC Sabathia was traded from the Indians. I think Sheets is a very talented pitcher who has a lot of great potential, if he can stay healthy and become more consistent. The Braves may be a potential buyer for Sheets, as they were outbid by the Yankees for Burnett. The Rangers and Dodgers have alsio expressed some interest in possibly getting another pitcher and could be a fit for Sheets. And remember, the Cubs still have a spot open in their rotation, so depending on what happens with Peavy, they too could be a potential buyer, but more of a long shot then these other mentioned teams. In the end, I see Ben Sheets becoming an Atlanta Brave for the 2009 season.

    Derek Lowe is still a great pitcher, even though his status seems to drop every year. He still throws one of the best curveballs in the majors and can easily pitch 7 or 8 innings each game. It seems as if Lowe will join the Mets, even though he was "dissapointed" with their offer. Not many teams have talked to Lowe, and I think he will more likely than not have to take the Mets offer. The Red Sox could also be potential buyers in an effort to make some noise after what all the Yankees have done. Lowe would fit in well in Boston and I think could bring a lot of veteran leadership to a fairly young pitching staff. In the end, I see Derek Lowe becoming a New York Met for the 2009 season.

    Lastly, everyone is still wondering where will Manny end up. Manny got a great offer from the Dodgers, but still is waiting to see if more come on the table. Currently, I still see the Dodgers as the front runner for Manny, and I'm a little unsure as why he is being so hesitant to make a deal with LA. I don't see the Yankees making another monster deal to get Ramirez, but who knows, the Yankees have done crazier things. If they offer Ramirez a fair contract, I think he would take it in a second to spite the Red Sox. The Giants are also a possible buyer for Manny, but reports say that they do not have enough money to spend on the slugger. I have a hard time seeing the Yankees making a push for Manny and I don't think the Giants will come up with the millions of dollars needed to get Manny. In 2009 I expect to see Manny back with the Dodgers.

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    1 decade ago

    I still think Manny could wind up with the Yankees. He'd want to get revenge on Boston, and he'd add to a list of great free agents that the Yanks have acquired this offseason.

    Lowe looks like he'll be a Met. It seems like those two sides are close to a deal, but I'd love to see the Cardinals get him. Since he has Michigan ties (I live in the Great Lakes State), and he's a good pitcher, I've always had respect for him.

    I'm not really all that sure where Ben Sheets will go. For some reason, I think he'll wind up in Houston. I'm not sure why - I guess it's just a hunch.

  • 1 decade ago

    Lowe - Mets

    They want him & they are the only team with an offer for him right now!

    Manny - Dodgers, or Yankees

    Dodgers have no reason to offer him anything extra yet, no one else has offered him anything. I still cant count out the Yankees from going to take a shot at him...if they can trade Matsui that is!

    Sheets - Rangers, or Yankes

    The Rangers have the most interest in him...although I am not sure why. They keep saying how they dont want to take a chance on another pitcher since they got screwed on Park all those years back. Sheets will get signed as a pitcher expecting to get injured. The Yankees if they cant bring back Pettite they will have $10 million to waste on another pitcher. Lowe is to expensive so they might take a shot at Sheets...however having two injury prone pitchers on one staff is a bad idea!

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    Manny...he's not overwhelmed with offers. I wonder why? Dodgers if they give him 3 years...if Giants match that, he will stay with Dodgers.

    Girardi wouldn't want Manny to disrupt the team.

    Sheets...he really has a bad arm, hence no offers forthcoming. He should sign with the Brewers who nurtured him 7 long years.

    Lowe...he's 35, but he has a good arm. Mets, because he's more stable than is obvious that these teams would go after Sheets if they were confident about him.

    A longshot: Sheets to the Dodgers.

  • 1 decade ago

    Manny- Yankees

    Lowe- Mets

    Sheets- Texas

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Yank's aren't done making moves yet i caught the Mike show today and he said the Yanks are planing to trade Melky.Look for the yanks to try and get a deal done for a good centerfielder.Forget Lowe and Sheet's ,Manny could be a yankee and there's still alot of talk about tradings for Nady and Swisher.It's gonna be instresting.

  • 1 decade ago

    Manny will go to the Giants because he fits right in because they need a good bat to power their amazing pitching staff.

    Lowe will go to the Mets to complete their rotation. If there is any competition from the Braves or Phil they will squash it because they can't afford anyone in the division getting him.

    Sheets will probably resign with the Brewers because Brewers do need a pitcher and no one really likes Sheets or wants to invest in him.

  • 1 decade ago

    manny will be forced to go back to LA...hes so stupid, if he wouldve taken the first few contracts from the dodgers he wouldve gotten more, but now since all the teams with money spent it all

    lowe will either go to the mets or phillies, most likely the mets because they desperately need some starting pitchers besides santana (even though, as a diehard phillies fan, i would love for the phils to sign him)

    i think sheets might end up re-signing with the brew crew

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    I think the Red Sox might make some sort of run for Lowe or Sheets. If not I think Sheets will go back to Milwaukee and Lowe maybe Mets. Manny, I could careless where he goes. Barely anyone wants him.

  • 1 decade ago

    manny will go back to the dodgers and lowe will go to the phillies and sheets will be a red sox, yankees or rangers

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