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Why & how is nuclear weapons important to the modern times?

Modern time such as the 1950's.

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    Nuclear weapons have served 3 functions.

    1. Ending World War 2. This of course was a 1-time thing.

    2. They have served as a way for countries to intimidate each other. They foster hostility but also promote peace, in a way, since nobody wants to go into a war with a nuclear-armed country.

    Although it may seem otherwise, the world has been comparatively war-free since the mid 1970s, with no MAJOR conflicts since WWII. Nuclear weapons have certainly played a part in this.

    3. Excavation. This was done only once in Nevada to blow a wide ditch open as a "proof of concept". Unclear about whether or not it will happen again, but it's always a possibility.

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    It is true that no nuclear weapons have been used in conflict since 1945. The United States Air Force Currently operates and maintains about 500 silo-launched ICBMs but new legislation was passed to decrease the inventory. The U.S. Navy's 12 SSBN submarines also carry nuclear weapons. In the 1950's though, the U.S. operated around 1,500 nuclear warheads. In times of peace, so many weapons may seem lucrative, but with tensions rising During the Cold war, these weapons served as an effective deterrent to nuclear Detonation on U.S. soil as did Russian weapons to American ICBM launches.

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