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Is it weird to be happ that he HAS NOT said i love you yet?

In all of my other serious relationships...the guy said "i love you" before the 2 month mark.....and i was put off by it becasue i knew they meant it..but i did not.

I mean...not to be crude...they didnt say it to get on board..becasue i drive THAT ship no matter what...they really meant it..

From that point on..becasue i knew i didnt...i just couldnt bring myself to THROW myself headfirst into the relationship...and things would end.

I know this guy has very strong feelings for me...but i am SO happy he is keeping his mouth shut and letting the relationship that weird.

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    Absolutley not, its a good thing that he is acknowledging that he does have deep feelings for you but isnt willing to throw around the "L" word. too many people go around telling people they love them when they dont evenk now what love is. Good for the both of you!

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    Nope it's not weird. My husband and I didn't use the L word until we'd been dating for 6 months. It actually let the friendship side of the relationship grow and when he did say it I knew he really meant it.

    So I think it's a good thing and not weird at all ;-)

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    Hopefully you haven't told him the same things you just told us or else I'd say he's not saying it because he knows you'll bail when he does. If not then I'd say maybe he wants to take it slow and work on a healthy relationship. Either way, what's going to happen when he's ready to say it and you're not? Can't run from it forever! Good luck!

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    i do no longer think of this is extraordinary in any respect. it shows that he's not any longer rushing something, yet nevertheless shows his love and shelter you by way of no longer asserting it so early interior the relationship and it will recommend soo lots extra while he ultimately comes to a decision this is the the terrific option time to assert it.

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    no its not weird at all i agree with you 100 percent sounds to me like your very mature and want to take things slow. i think sooo many couples rush into a relationship because there afraid of being alone

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    it would depend on how long you've been together. if you have been together for a long time and he hasn't said it then he probably never will. if you've been together less than 2 months then its good because it means he is aware of the situation and doesn't fall for just any woman.

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    No, not at all. It took my boyfriend 3mths before he told me that he was falling in love with me. I think the timing was perfect, I knew he did mean it.

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    Sounds as though you have a pattern going on. Are you going to dump this guy when he says I love You?

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    If you don't love someone then you don't love them and I think it is good to wait to say that until you really figure out if you feel that way or not.

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    nope. nothing weird about low self esteem. in fact, most of us suffer from it.

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