Could Blago replace that Sec of State for Illinois?

In Texas the Gov appoints the sec of state. He then serves at the honor or behest of the Gov.? In Tex. the Governor can remove the Sec. anytime he wants. Why doesn't Blago just get rid of their Sec??

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    Blago can't get rid of Jesse White, the Secretary of State of Illinois. He has held that post for several terms and he is a fixture in Illinois politics and before that in Illinois sports fame as founder of the Jesse White Tumbling Team.

    As a previous poster mentioned, the Secretary of State is an elected office in Illinois as well as Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General and Comptroller. But I beg to differ with the poster about all of them opposing Blago. Most of them have some ties to him as they are all Democrats but are trying to distance themselves from his notoriety. I think the exception is Pat Quinn, the Lt. Governor, who has always been a sort of loose cannon in the state, along the lines of our own Ralph Nader wannabee.

    This is Blago's second term. He handily beat all the other Democratic candidates in his first primary try. He beat the GOP candidates twice. He was obviously the choice of the people and of the Democratic party so I don't understand all this vitriol against him. I like him because he got universal health care for all children in Illinois and I don't think he is any dirtier than any other Governor. Sarah Palin took a house from a contractor when she was mayor. Isn't that pay to play?

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    Not all states have appointed Sec of States. In Georgia the Sec of State is an elected official that the governor has not authority over and could not replace them.

    I am not sure about Illinois.

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    In Illinois, the Secretary of State is an elected position as is the Lt Governor and Attorney General. All of them are Democrats and they all oppose the Governor.

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    In Illinois the Secretary of State is an elected position

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    In Illionis we ellect the Sec of State. And it turns out that it was good to do that. Checks and Balances: 1 Coruption: 0

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