Can someone help me figure out who this company is before I submit a resume?

I'm interested in changing jobs and have been researching openings. I've come across this one which looks very interesting to me, but I want to craft the resume & cover letter specific for this company [and also do some research on them]. Can someone help me figure out who this company might be? Guessing allowed but please provide your reasons for the guess, and also any links that support your guess.

Here's the specifics on this job:

Company Information

Our client company is one of the largest publicly traded global asset management firms in the world with approximately $618 billion in assets under management. They provide diversified, global investment management services that include growth and value equities, style blend and fixed income services to institutional, high net worth and retail clients worldwide. Additionally, they provide in-depth research, portfolio strategy, trading, and brokerage-related services.

Job Description:

Global Wealth/Client Advisor for a prominent Money Management firm. The positions are in Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco and Seattle, Washington. Strong sales background with proven sales record required. Responsibility is to create a network with attorneys, CPAs, etc., people who know wealthy individuals and sell to the wealthy individuals the asset management services of the firm. Background can be from any industry such as medical device sales, real estate sales, mortgage, law, etc. Most importantly individuals should possess a strong desire to work in the global wealth/private banking arena...have successful sales experience...without a lot of job changes. Training will be provided.

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    Phone and ask. They by all rights should have a company name/logo on the job offer.

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    google it

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