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what is the difference in the new nike drivers sumo and sumo2?

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    the sumo 2 has squared head. most accurate driver on the market. other clubs may have 5 to 7 yards more distance but 12 less yards accuracy. sumo 2 in the fairway. head research and development produced square headed driver for accuform golf canada 1993 to 1998. called the whistler. nike has 10 years more research than other companies in design. the sumo 2 is the best driver for players who have difficulty with distance and accuracy. on sale great prices. if you need new driver. please give this serious thought.

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    Just like the first post, the shapes are the difference. The regular SuMo is more for workability, but less than, say, a Titleist. The SuMo2 is more game-improvement, with a high Moment of Inertia, to help keep the face square at impact. If you're a chronic slicer, the SuMo2 is a better option if you don't want to take lessons.

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    Sumo2 is the square head. The 2 is above the word, as in "squared". The sumo is the more round version.

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    sumo2 is lastest model

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