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What will happen to Pakistan?

Recent talks have shown that India is quite ready for a war with Pakistan. Help! I really feel scared for my country and its people. Latest news is that Israel is supporting India. What will happen? My city is near the coast, and it will probably be the first one being attacked. Pray!


Even if we leave Pakistan, how can I leave behind most of my family members?

My grandparent fought for Pakistan's independence, and they will not leave it at any cost.

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    A war between India and Pakistan is most unlikely. You are probably concerned over recent events. Believe me the greater world community including the U.N. will do all in their powers to prevent an outbreak of war. Both the governments of Pakistan and India know only too well that war is not an option in helping them resolve their differences.My country spent many years in conflict with it's neighbour and many terrible things happened but it did not lead to war between the two countries. Don't worry so much. At the moment Israel has enough of it's own problems and most certainly will not be getting involved in any conflict outside of it's own area.

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    i think u should leave if things don't settle down. i am pakistan but i was born in england but i am worried some of my faimly will get hurt but i hope nothing will happen as u said we pray nothing hapen.

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